Raw Moldavite

Raw Moldavite

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Moldavite is an extraterrestrial metaphysical treasure that was sent to this world to bless mankind. It is highly charged with divine Pleiadian energies that awaken dormant DNA while initiating one into cosmic consciousness. Moldavite is the starseed activation crystal par excellence. Its energy will transform your life so that you become totally aligned with your spiritual destiny. The alchemical power of moldavite is legendary, real, and wonderfully celestial.

Moldavite’s energy has profound effects on human relationships. As it attunes one to higher frequencies of light and consciousness it repels anyone who is adverse to one’s destiny. At the same time it attracts people, resources, and synchronistic experiences that directly support one’s destiny fulfillment. Moldavite can absolutely attract one’s twin flame, soulmates from past lives, and high value spiritual relationships that can greatly assist one along their path.

Through its DNA and consciousness awakening effects moldavite also stimulates the development of priceless spiritual abilities and new forms of genius. Moldavite can radically increase one’s inner value so that their outer world transforms in accordance. The wealth of the Pleaides has been sealed into moldavite to assist us all with accessing and developing our greatest supernatural potentials. Moldavite was at the very beginning of Starseed Astrology’s creation.

Enter your odyssey with this beautiful silver set Moldavite pendant.

With commitment to crystal quality,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

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