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Raw Diamond Druzy Pendant

Raw Diamond Druzy Pendant


Diamond is a crystal personification of indomitability. Its energy confers great increases in resilience, will power, conviction, durability and strength of purpose. Diamonds are wisely placed with people who have sacred missions that involve extreme and potentially long-term conflict scenarios against the forces of evil. These types of soul paths can result in fatigue and injury to one’s sense of confidence in mission success. God made diamonds as a perfect energetic antidote to such conditions so that heroes and heroines can receive a perfect and powerful alchemical boost that will carry them forward into glorious success.


Diamonds are especially valuable in ‘dark night of the soul’ scenarios when a person must find God’s light within them to overcome extreme spiritual attack and ruthless adversity. Diamonds are greatly valuable towards the defeat of Pluto’s energy as it manifests uniquely in each life. Diamond also instills a sense of incorruptibility in a person’s consciousness so that regardless of temptation one will always keep their mind, heart and soul aligned with God, high spiritual integrity and the divine purpose as it manifests in their life. Diamond is wise to take into situations where extreme spiritual testing is expected.


Raw diamonds pack a very powerful punch for their size! Their energy output easily dwarfs that of crystals many times their size. When worn there’s a sharp new focus and sense of inner power that comes from a space of divinity. The energy of raw diamond instills thought and sense of the ‘Armor of God’ being present while the appearance inspires recognition of the divine potential that we each carry within. We are all born as diamonds in the rough but when raw diamond is worn the process of soul perfection advances much more rapidly. This is a true sovereignty crystal that empowers us to create and project self-rule into the world.


Raw diamonds are powerful good luck charms that manifest genuine miracles in our lives. They enable new ability to achieve and ascend against all odds when pressure is running highest. Truth be told, raw diamonds exert a magical solidification effect upon a person’s life that increases their strength in the realm of material wealth. This is a key benefit from the raw diamond as one must be strong in earth to go the distance against evil. One can rebuild very quickly with diamond’s energy working for them and of course there is a royal charge to them which explains the eternal fondness that kings and queens have always had for them.


This pendant was created from pure sterling silver and natural, conflict-free raw diamond. Wearing it will keep you constantly exposed to its beneficial properties. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. On a final note, raw diamonds can be mixed with other gems and crystals to amplify their effects.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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