Rainbow Champagne Topaz

Rainbow Champagne Topaz


Golden topaz, otherwise known as “champagne” topaz, is the true birthstone of Sagittarius. This sacred crystal offers tremendous metaphysical value beginning with its ability to blend one with the cosmic law, a gift that is precious to all lives but especially to the Tribe of Sagittarius. Golden topaz is a priceless ascension crystal because it enables us to sense and interpret the finest workings of the cosmic law which is ever-fluctuating through the magical dimensions of astrology. Golden topaz raises a certain talent and intelligence for knowing the wisest thing to do at any moment or juncture in astrology. It is invaluable to anyone seeking to go higher in astrology whether in study, practice, or mystical adventure.


Golden topaz is also the mineral kingdom’s freedom crystal. Through resonance with golden topaz one attracts a mysteriously wonderful sequence of freedom building synchronicities. After years of experience with golden topaz I can state with confidence that it is freedom in crystal form. It offers the freedom frequency to all who would receive it. Golden topaz also calls light through the House of Sagittarius within any nativity. Through conscious use and dedicated prayer golden topaz can enhance the quality of your astrological wealth and journey. This is precisely how the higher freedom is created. Golden topaz teaches us how to blend perfectly with the cosmic order in a wise and fortunate way.


Golden topaz is also a crystal teacher of divine wisdom. Through meditation with golden topaz one can gain great wisdom-based illumination that can clarify any confused situation. The wise way forward is often obscured but the energy of golden topaz makes it clear. Golden topaz operates like a spiritual and astrological compass. Through resonance with it you will gain an enlightened sense for the most profitable life path. If you feel like you need an energetic boost of wisdom and higher understanding golden topaz makes a phenomenal choice. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your learning or astrological ascension golden topaz will absolutely lift you higher. It loves to lift through wisdom.  


Although its blessings are available to all we highly recommend golden topaz to anyone with a Sagittarius Sun. Golden topaz will groom a Sagittarius to manifest their highest potentials, something which can only come through a wise and harmonious connection with the higher planes. As a Sagittarius I can attest that our brightest days come through our ability to blend with the cosmic law which is where all of God’s wisdom and grace exists. We also recommend golden topaz to anyone who feels that they are struggling in Sagittarius; with their freedom, their wisdom, their learning, and their philosophy. This is a master crystal for any teacher, wise advisor, or spiritual leader. Golden topaz beams golden fire.


Souls who were born with Saturn, Pluto, or retrogrades in Sagittarius will also benefit tremendously from resonance champagne topaz because it will help them through critical phases or spiritual alchemy as well as crucial life challenges. If someone needs to get very wise very quickly this is the crystal to vibe with.  This particular specimen comes from the most abundant crystal mine in Afghanistan. It has exceptional color, clarity, beauty, and natural terminations. It measures 3.0 cm long, 1.4 cm wide, and 1.0 cm thick. This is a superb specimen that will bless your life in a very wise way.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo and Mystic Amari


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