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Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing


Do you have a special event that absolutely has to go right? Events that are planned with the stars in mind will always enjoy a magical ambiance of success and blessing. With my Perfect Timing service I will calculate the most divine astrological time to preside over your esteemed occasion. With crystal clarity, cosmic wisdom and laser-like precision I will ensure that your plans advance when the stars are most advantageous to you.


This service can be applied to any priority event other than a wedding or a business launch (I have specialized services for each of these). Upon booking let me know what type of event or occasion you are planning while sharing the date, city and time of birth for the people central to the event. I'll work my magic and I'll email you with the perfect time, the event chart and a brief but enlightening reasoning for the timing.


Don't leave your best moments to chance. Invest a bit more and secure a dramatically positive outcome when the stars are superb for you and your loved ones. I'm ready to help you get it right the first time and I promise to treat you just like family. Let's avoid unecessary complications connected to adverse astrology and schedule you according to the wisest time in your near term future.


I welcome you to read my reviews for perspective on my service quality. Trust me that I will aim to impress.


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Service Delivery Speed

    At present my estimated delivery speed for this service is between 2-4 weeks depending on client volume. Jupiter VIP service members are served more quickly. If you have any questions about this service message us through our contact page. 

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