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Panacea Pendant

Panacea Pendant

Our beautiful Panacea pendants are created of high grade Indian apophyllite and sterling silver. They carry an Aquarius/Virgo energy signature and offer the following benefits to their owners:

* promotes pristine health

* accelerates all healing processes

* cleanses the auric field

* promotes clear thinking and channeling

* promotes light body activation

* helps fulfill great healing goals 

* helps to perfect quantum skills and abilities

* inspires humble, selfless, diligent service to others

* promotes telepathic connection with plants and animals

* helps to discover and align with sacred service to mankind

* eliminates astral disease, corruption, and imbalance

* clarifies and magnifies the higher self connection 

* attracts perfect clients, coworkers, mentors, service opportunities

* sharpens medical intuition 

* inspires positive lifestyle changes that promote optimal health

* strengthens immunity against negative energies

* promotes inner peace while dispelling anxiety, stress, hypochondria

* sharpens senses against health threats to self and others

* resonates with high level healing spirits

* carries humanitarian service vibration

* offers amazing energy for group, collaborative work

* resonates with the number five which is "spirit over matter"

* attracts healing spirits, angels, service providers

* inspires work-related foresight 

* moves one gracefully into a pure energetic state

* attracts forms of material security

Our Panacea pendants are ideal for those who seek perfect health and for those who work in healing professions. They are also wonderful for caretakers and those who work with the disabled. 

Walk in the healing light with our Panacea pendants!

Much love,

Salvador & Amari
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