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Neptune's Blessing Pendant

Neptune's Blessing Pendant

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual crystals on Earth. It has been used by the priest class for ages because it mystically unites one with the Creator. It is powerfully alchemical because it accelerates spiritual transformation and achievement, things which open one to the might and magic of the "inner kingdom." 

If there is "inner work" to do, which we call alchemy, then amethyst makes a great ally to help you succeed. It also has wonderful supernatural effects because it attracts the divine wealth of the water element into your life to protect and support you in your evolution. 

The energy of amethyst helps us to let go of all that hinders our spiritual growth and life success. This can mean many things, including addictions of various forms. Amethyst has wonderful effects on breaking destructive addictions, like with alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful drugs. It is a classical stone of sobriety. 

If you want to find the "kingdom within" amethyst makes an excellent choice.
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