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Key of Power

Key of Power


The Key of Power is one of the ancient Hermetic lots connected to the wisdom within the Emerald Tablets. By applying an esoteric planetary formula I can reveal the precise astrological degree where your Key of Power exists. This sacred point in your horoscope and metaphysical life will enable you to consciously harness, develop, and express your divine power into the world. Power varies from soul to soul and this service will enlighten you to yours. 


Upon booking I will provide the exact astrological degree and arc minute of your Key of Power while also explaining the cosmic and spiritual essence of your power. Then it will be up to you to observe future astrological alignments that periodically activate your Key of Power. This service is intended for intermediate-to-advanced students and practitioners of astrology. This service requires precise birth time to perform. 


In times of widespread disempowerment astrology can be used to help individuals develop their personal power in ways that are harmonious to divine will. By harnessing my own Key of Power I have been able to create unique success as an astrologer. It works the same for anyone else but in ways that are sacred to their journey. Open to your God-given cosmic power with my Key of Power service. 


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo 

  • Service Delivery Speed

    At present my estimated delivery speed for this service is between 2-4 weeks depending on client volume. Jupiter VIP service members are served more quickly. If you have any questions about this service message us through our contact page. 

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