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Jupiter VIP

Jupiter VIP


Elite clients will be greatly satisfied with our most privileged level of service and personal access. Jupiter VIP retains the full repertoire of our astrological and psychic services towards the extraordinary benefit of our esteemed clients. Immediate professional response is secured to ensure divine outcomes for our respected VIP clients. 

Upon purchase of the desired retainer amount our VIP's gain full access rights and service privileges to include emergency and after hours calls, texts and emails, priority sessions and expedited services. The retainer fee will be used responsibly as a credit source for ongoing service demands on astrological, psychic or combined levels. Upon credit expiration VIP clients may opt for continued service.

Jupiter VIP was designed to enhance the lives of executive-level decision makers, business leaders, political figures, scientists, investors, celebrities, movers and shakers and high-net-worth individuals who need to make perfect, wisely-timed decisions during extremely important and time sensitive junctures in their lives. We will guide you wisely and succesfully no matter the situation. 

Jupiter VIP encompasses every service, skill, talent, ability and degree of insight that Amari and I possess. The very best of our combined spiritual capabilities will be at your service, dependably and accurately, to ensure the prosperous navigation of your most important circumstances. If you're looking for the best Christian mystic guides to enhance your life journey you've just found them. 

Upon booking please have the dates, times and cities of birth for all relevant individuals ready to share. If businesses are involved the dates, times and cities of their grand openings will be required. If marriage is involved the date, city and completion time of the wedding will be needed as well. Photos, names and background information for relevant parties are welcomed at your discretion.


Jupiter VIP clients can trust that all service dealings will be held in complete secrecy. We will utilize encrypted email (Protonmail) as a basic standard of communication while accomodating any other security-related requests that our client may have. Your privacy will be fully respected. 


We welcome all who are considering this service to read the client reviews on our reviews page as past Jupiter VIP client feedback can be found there. We look forward to working with you, feel free to write us with any questions or concerns. 


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari 

  • Refund Policy

    Jupiter VIP is a non-refundable service. 

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