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Jupiter Calendar

Jupiter Calendar


Astrology can be used to create extremely vaulable calendars that reveal the most auspicious days of any month or year for any specific goal or purpose. I offer this Jupiter class service to those who would like my personal intuitive creation of a customized astrological calendar that is masterfully focused on the support and manifestation your highest goals and priorities.


Because of my unique understanding of the Hermetic Lots which I have learned as Keys I'm able to identify secret points and days of great value that are otherwise invisible and unknowable. Depending upon your goal, I will include the most appropriate Hermetic Keys and the calendric days when they will be most active. Examples of Hermetic Keys include the Key of Glory, the Key of Time, the Key of Power, the Key of Freedom and the Key of Fortune but there are many others.


My Jupiter calendar will be extremely precise, to the days and degrees, forecasting into the future for up to one year's time with a golden chronology listed that involves the most relevant and beneficial aspects from the sun, the benefic planets, the gods and goddesses and how and when they interact with birth chart placements including certain Hermetic Keys that I determine as being most supportive of your goals.


For each calendric entry I will detail the date range, the astrological forces involved, the aspects made and the houses that will be active so that you can track these events within your own horoscope. This enlightening process will stimulate great new astrological learning over time. While I won't provide individual interpretations of each entry all of them will be themed and focused on supporting your goals and dreams in the most divine ways possible.


With a golden script of your astrological future you'll be poised to make great success of the most beneficial yet secretive days in your year ahead. Regardless of what's happening in the world my Jupiter calendar will enlighten you in a true and scientific way that harmonizes you with the most divine windows of opportunity as they present through your God-given astrology. I offer this master-level service for those who would like my most powerful backing.


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Service Delivery Time

    Due to high client volume the current wait time for a Jupiter Calendar service delivery is approximately 8-12 weeks. If this is unacceptable to you please don't book. This service should be booked well in advance of any sensitive timelines.

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