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Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz


Our world is governed by astrological law and topaz is the only crystal in the mineral kingdom that inspires one with the priceless wisdom and understanding of this ancient cosmic law. As the true birthstone of Sagittarius topaz commands the virtues and benefits of wise living which include prosperity, freedom and fame through wisdom. As one of the Biblically-mentioned gemstones topaz should be given serious consideration as a powerful stone of ascension and divine favor. Students and practitioners of astrology should know that topaz is a master-teacher of the heavenly science. Through its palpable golden fire a genuine astrological odyssey is born through a radically increased gnosis of the stars.


The gift of topaz is that it will always guide you along the wisest course of action at any given astrological time. It is an ideal gemstone for anyone who feels lost in life. Topaz raises an inner voice of divine wisdom and it functions precisely as an astrological compass so that when held or worn one knows the way of true north. Topaz is the perfect crystal to navigate retrogrades with and its been a secret of our astrological success for years. There are many paths to choose in life but there is one path that is gilded and supreme. This golden path is what topaz will lead you into. But more than this, topaz has the magical ability to open the astrological gates most relevant to a soul’s attainment of freedom. Truth be told, topaz is the freedom crystal.


As the stone of the House of Sagittarius topaz raises one’s power and fortune in this great field of life that encompasses law, politics, higher learning, foreign travels, journalism, philosophy and spiritual enlightenment. Topaz will empower one to thrive in any Sagittarian-themed career path and it is the best gemstone to take into any foreign land as it safeguards and enriches its owner during global expeditions. Topaz is the one that wins a crucial legal battle, an ambitious political campaign or an exalted position within the spiritual hierarchy. Spiritual journeys are blessed through the divine fire of topaz as it is the ultimate gemstone for all seekers and students of the universe. The dividends of topaz are born of celestial wealth.


Topaz is a powerful gemstone of spiritual insight. Through resonance with it one can learn divine lessons that cannot be found in any earthly book. Topaz quickens learning and enlightenment in ways that are specific to one’s destiny and it does justice to those who have been academically disadvantaged by drawing in light, knowledge and wisdom that richly fills the void. On an alchemical and astrological level topaz can be used to anchor in new Sagittarian energy into areas of a person’s horoscopic life that are severely lacking it. A natural soul healing crystal for any Sagittarius, topaz is also tremendous for those born with outstanding astrological markers in Sagittarius. Through the alchemy of topaz one can learn to master the Sagittarius in their chart.


Of the twelve astrological signatures we sense an enlightening, enriching and healthful blend of Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo energies very distinctly on topaz. For one to become truly free they must be healthy, wealthy and wise. Topaz inspires divine transformation on these three vital levels so that higher echelons of freedom are achieved with each passing lunar cycle and planetary transit. Wise habits develop quickly and one gains a skillful sense for the fine workings of the astrological law when enhanced with topaz. Increases and multiplications of wealth are a natural byproduct of serious work with topaz which ultimately blends one with the magical and infinite dimensions of the cosmic law.


Because of its connection with divine wisdom and astrological discernment topaz is a priceless retrograde crystal. Topaz promotes perpetual life success through wise navigation of our annual retrograde seasons. For years we have used topaz as a crystal compass during fearsome, high-pressure astrological times when every decision and course of action absolutely had to work in order for us to ascend. When used prayerfully and consistently topaz can greatly aid in the manifestation of miraculous outcomes against crisis conditions. When life seems dark and confusing the energy of topaz can act as a heavenly fire that shows the way up and out. We will always love topaz for what is has done for us.


On a more esoteric level topaz has a definite connection to the supernatural Philosopher’s Stone of alchemical fame. Because topaz is the birthstone of Sagittarius, the zodiac’s house of philosophy, it has a preliminary and magical resonance with its greater and more mysterious counterpart. Initiates of the Divine Mysteries can use topaz to explore higher degrees of cosmic light that are forbidden to others. Should an initiate ever feel lost or overwhelmed during the revelation of the Mystery topaz offers oasis-like energy of comfort, congratulations and encouragement. Inner-plane explorers should know that topaz lights the temple unlike any other. Loved by sages, worked by mages, topaz lights up wisdom’s pages.


This is an exquisite pendant created from high-grade Brazilian imperial topaz and sterling silver. Imperial topaz is the most rare and desirable of all topaz varieties. The topaz is faceted and polished for maximum beauty and luminosity. A true crystal treasure, this beauty is ready to make you glow with the gold of Sagittarius.


With commitment to crystal quality,

Sal & Amari


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