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Master Rutilated Himalayan Black Quartz

Master Rutilated Himalayan Black Quartz


Himalayan Black Quartz is an extremely rare and extremely magical crystal that grows among the highest peaks on Earth. In Eastern religions the Himalayas are rightly regarded as a supremely sacred site – an abode of the gods - and to Christian mystics the Himalayas secretly host the terrestrial ‘Seat of God’ which is Mt. Everest. With an energy signature consisting of Capricorn, Scorpio and Sagittarius energies Himalayan Black Quartz offers a profoundly deep experience of spiritual illumination, protection and empowerment as they relate to one’s closeness, understanding and expression of the Divine Mystery which these crystals uniquely resonate with. An ultimate crystal for true seekers, philosophers and alchemists, Himalayan Black Quartz will work to bring out the master in you.


Himalayan Black Quartz is the most valuable and effective crystal for finding God within, a mysterious and powerful process which results in a divine transformation and purification that marvelously reshapes and uplifts one’s life. Resonance with Himalayan Black Quartz immediately speaks to one’s soul. In a calm and secure way it unlocks dormant, soul-level wisdom gained in past incarnations while grounding and focusing a person on the sacred work that they are meant to be doing in this life. Meditations become much more powerful and intellectual with Himalayan Black Quartz as the godly resonance invites the most precious inner world insights, experiences and realizations. Should one wish to align with their most sacred and spiritually purposeful path there is no higher crystal than this.


Himalayan Black Quartz is very much alive. Exposure to its energy gradually develops a priceless new type of psychically-charged gnostic intelligence that enables one to penetrate and understand the secret truth of things while piercing all veils and attempts to deceive. This is a crystal of ultimate truths and eternal constants that can serve as a bridge for receiving divine esoteric wisdom while raising understanding to all plans and works of evil. Deep soul work is richly enhanced and advanced when working with Himalayan Black Quartz, a crystal which also illuminates and heals shadow aspects that are inhibiting next-level soul growth and desired worldly successes. In terms of spiritual warfare, Himalayan Black Quartz dispels demonic influence creating a new environment for healing and positive change.


Because of its greatly beneficial soul-level properties Himalayan Black Quartz is a divine crystal choice for ascending out of ‘dark night of the soul’ life conditions. As lost power is reclaimed through the new presence of inner light one regains the ability to assert control over their life so that they are once again the master of their course. Himalayan Black Quartz is a power and magic enhancing crystal that blends one with untapped celestial energies from Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and the planet Jupiter. It belongs with every true alchemist as it greatly amplifies their connection to and understanding of the Divine Mysteries. And while all of these wonderful things happen – and more - Himalayan Black Quartz radiates a holy, mysterious, reverent energy that melts the ego while bringing one closer to God.


We are pleased and deeply honored to offer this exceptionally rare, super-quality collector’s specimen of Himalayan Black Quartz. Specimens in this great quality level are harvested every five-to-ten-to-twenty years - depending on size - and sometimes longer. This represents the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to Himalayan Black Quartz. This specimen was grown at an altitude of two miles high on the Indian face of the Himalayan Mountains in relatively close proximity to Mt. Everest, the highest and most sacred peak on Earth. This not an annual find, this specimen is extremely rare and precious. It features a deep and desireable black color and druzy rutile effects throughout the entire crystal which is quite sizeable. There are flashy, jagged edged formations that play with the light when held and the bottom is flat for carry or layout in the crystal meditation of your life. This glorious specimen is a wise investment for the times and a super addition to your collection, one that will honor you for a lifetime. Absolutely superb!


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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    This crystal is being sold in superb condition. All sales are final.

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    International insurance rates will vary upon destination. Upon purchase we will communicate with you to determine the accurate insured shipping cost to your location. All will be transparent and fair, of course. We just want to make sure it is fully insured on its way out, it is so rare and precious!

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