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Gaia Chrysoprase

Gaia Chrysoprase

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Chrysoprase is sacred to Gaia, the great Earth mother goddess. Through its Taurus/Cancer energy signature it offers healing, refreshment, and enrichment to its owner. It helps one to develop a mystical connection with Mother Nature so that one may learn to benefit from her embrace, her bounty, and her secrets. Chrysoprase is a wise choice for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual connection to terrestrial nature and all her wonderful expressions. 


In practical terms, and through the elements of earth and water, Chrysoprase offers its owner a refreshing energy of fertility, renewal, and abundance. It's energy is feminine in gender, maternal, serene, and full of life restoring nurturance. With regards to material enrichment, Chrysoprase has the unique property of attracting wealth from the land and from the sea thus it is a wise crystal for those who live or work closely with either. 


Chrysoprase is also a wise choice for new parents who are adjusting to the sensitive new dynamics that the birth brought forth. It will instill the qualities of a divine parent that the new child will be depending on for proper development. Men who are lacking in the feminine qualities that are especially valuable in family life would benefit greatly from attunement with Chrysoprase. In addition, this lush crystal gently boosts physical health and emotional wellness. 


Chrysoprase also offers a very constructive, abundance-promoting energy, especially when one is working closely with natural resources. It shares a certain working intelligence that enhances one's ability to work wisely and profitably with natural resources. It will help you to know the true values and properties of nature that non-spiritual people know nothing about. Chrysoprase can also open valuable ancestral wisdom and best practice.


This beautiful pendant was created from genuine Chrysoprase, set in sterling silver. We ship worldwide. 


With love and integrity,


Sal & Amari


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