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Aphrodite Opal

Aphrodite Opal


Precious white opal, queen of the gems, and sacred to the goddess Aphrodite. Revered through time for its divine beauty, the Venusian effects of this gem are nothing short of magical. Precious white opal fosters a blissful emotional state while attracting good fortune through interpersonal harmony, special favors, and delightful cooperation. It boasts the legendary effect of filtering out false love and false friendship while attracting true love and true friendship.


Precious white opal gracefully raises one’s charms, people skills, and sense of social etiquette. Its energy feels poised, beautiful, joyful, loving, and playful. A definite self-esteem booster, this gem actually puts you into resonance with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. By infusing the aura with rainbow light it repels discord and toxic dramas so that you can ascend through life on your own cloud of joy, even when others are dark and stormy.


Precious white opal is a wise choice for anyone in people-centered professions. Its energy wonderfully enhances natural creativity and creative inspiration so it’s a perfect fit for any artist or performer. It gently cleanses, optimizes, and energizes the chakras so that you feel clear, aligned, and alive. It is one of the best gems for the embodiment of the queen and goddess spiritual archetypes. Words don’t do justice to the divine sensation that it instills.


This beautiful pendant is made of sterling silver and Ethiopian precious white opal. 


With love,

Sal & Amari


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