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Petrovsky Shungite Bracelet 8mm

Petrovsky Shungite Bracelet 8mm


Shungite is a profoundly beneficial healing stone that derives its power from its extremely unique molecular structure which allows it to act as a black hole for free radicals and as a potent energy shield against harmful forms of electromagnetic radiation (5G). According to decades of Russian research the Nobel prize winning ‘fullerenes’ present in Shungite make it one of the most powerful antioxidant substances on Earth. Studies with Shungite have demonstrated the following benefits per the extensive research and findings of Dr. Grigory Andrievsky:


  • neutralizes free radicals in a strong and long-lasting way


  • creates an adaptogenic cellular effect (anti stress)


  • normalizes cellular metabolism


  • increases enzymatic activity


  • stimulates tissue regeneration


  • demonstrates strong antibacterial action


  • increases resilience to disease


  • possesses anti-inflammatory properties


  • stimulates neurotransmitter exchange (healthy brain function)


  • improves joint function and flexibility


  • neutralizes toxins and fosters the elimination of waste


  • speeds wound healing


  • demonstrates water purification ability


  • enhances sleep quality


  • improves psychological health


  • increases the feeling of inner harmony


  • promotes a healthy energy balance


  • aligns the energetic body via action on the chakra system


Shungite is our top recommendation for those seeking enhanced health protection and quickened recovery from health complications including those connected to certain side effect damages. We also recommend Shungite for anyone suffering from negative side effects from procedures gone wrong. In fact, we have used Shungite ourselves in our own recovery process from a certain ‘health scare’ that we experienced in the summer of 2020. Shungite has played and continues to play an important role in our recovery process.


We have always sensed a distinct extraterrestrial energy on Shungite, an impression which is confirmed by the fact that the priceless fullerenes inside of Shungite have been found in several meteor crash sites around the world to the extent that scientists have concluded that they must be of extraterrestrial origin. For this reason, we believe that Shungite also connects us to a certain type of cosmic healing energy that has been named in certain alchemical texts.


From an astrological level we sense a Scorpio/Aquarius energy signature on Shungite. For this reason we think that Shungite can cleanse and heal on the atomic and light-body levels, something which is very important for anyone who has suffered astral attacks or prolonged exposure to harmful EMFs. To us, Shungite is a powerful starseed-resonant anti-disease crystal that offers great stimulation to our regenerative ability. Regenerate like a boss with Shungite in your field.


This is a stylish, 'Petrovsky' grade Shungite stretch bracelet. Wearing it will keep you constantly exposed to its healing and protective properties. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


May your Shungite experiences be out of this world,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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