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Diamond Quartz III

Diamond Quartz III


We are pleased to offer a rare and powerful purification crystal that resembles the popular “Herkimer diamonds” from upstate New York. What makes these special is that they were grown in the high altitude Andes mountain region of Colombia, near the peak of Mount Cocuy to be exact.


When we first found these we were shocked with the power, purity, and energetic radiance that they possess. They feel extremely evolved and directly connected with divine power. The first benefit that we sensed was that of immediate consciousness purification, inner clarity, and white light protection.


The energy from Colombian Diamond Quartz promotes rapid ego death. In this way it is a crystal of self-mastery. It works most intensely on the crown chakra with secondary effects on the third eye chakra. It feels like a mental lightning connection into the higher realms. Messages come through easily with it.


Because it is such a powerful white light crystal we feel that it can expel negative entities very quickly. They can also be used to clear and protect a space from negative spiritual infiltration. Colombian Diamond Quartz works in great synergy with other healing crystals like Charoite and Seraphinite.


In meditation I learned that these crystals are “channels of Spica’s light.” Spica is one of heaven’s most powerful healing stars, it is the alpha star of the Virgo constellation. Crystals can act as bridges to certain stars and when I learned of Spica’s connection to them their effects started to make perfect sense.


With the Spica connection stated, these crystals are ideally placed with those who work in the healing arts. We have held these in our private collection for over a year but now we feel guided to present them for lightworker access. We have chosen our favorites and the rest we offer to the community.


When held to my forehead this is a message that I heard through Colombian Diamond Quartz: “Child of the light, be healed and empowered by the light.” In closing I need to emphasize how powerful these crystals feel for their size. The energy and spirit of the Andes mountains certainly resides within them.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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