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Confetti Sunstone Pendant

Confetti Sunstone Pendant


Sunstone is one of the most valuable gemstones for Christian mystics because it blends us with the light and magic of the Leo constellation and more specifically, to the royal power of Regulus. Sunstone’s energy feels exuberant, confident, charismatic, powerful, playful and creative. It raises a royal character in its owner while attracting the things of a king or queen both above and below.


Sunstone is a powerful sovereignty crystal meaning that it helps us to develop total spiritual dominion over our earthly lives through the harnessing of royal cosmic energies. It is a prosperity crystal but not in the traditional sense. The prosperity that Sunstone offers is one of royal cosmic energy that manifests through one’s talents, assets, creativity, behavior and manifestations.


After years of experience with Sunstone we are certain that it would have been treasured by the royal classes of ancient Egypt because of its noble qualities and beneficial properties. Sunstone invites solar energy into our light bodies while also raising wisdom and consciousness on the astrological transit of the Sun which is the cosmic heart of our ascension process. Sunstone teaches solar mastery.


If someone needs to come out of their shell very quickly to develop their full divinity, as God intended, Sunstone makes a wise and excellent choice. Through loyal use of Sunstone in jewelry or meditation one will begin to shine and live at full power. Sunstone will provoke a process of royal alchemy that will crown you within while helping you to manifest a richer more satisfying life.


Through its priceless resonance with Regulus Sunstone will have you feeling energized in a loving, healthy, passionate and powerful way. The confidence that Sunstone develops comes from its clear and majestic connection to Christ Consciousness. Those who seek this level of alchemy and inner access are wise to choose Sunstone, especially the highest “confetti” grade which we offer.


From an astrological perspective we especially recommend Sunstone to anyone born with malefics, retrogrades or afflictions in Leo as it will aid you greatly in overcoming and rectifying those energies. And for those born with Leo energy, Sunstone will help you to manifest their highest expression, something which is priceless. There’s a divine royal authority that shines through Sunstone, they truly feel amazing.


This is a super-grade, orang fire "confetti" Sunstone pendant set in sterling silver. This is the most desirable quality of Sunstone, it has tremendous metaphysical energy and a mesmerizing glitter effect. By wearing it you'll begin your bonding process to Regulus while harnessing the full benefits of this royal star of legend. Begin your royal alchemy with style and beauty with this flashy, powerful Sunstone adorned around your neck. 


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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