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Lemurian quartz is one of the most valuable crystals for spiritual ascension. This is because they attune us with increasingly higher frequencies of light. This effect is evident in the "stairway to heaven" pattern that grows within them. This is nature’s way of telling us that they take us higher and higher the more that we use them. Lemurians lift us into higher dimensions of earthly life. They attune us to the reality we seek.

Lemurians are amazing quality of life crystals. As they raise our inner light the cosmos, through the law of reflection, presents us with a reality that is constantly increasing in quality. As within, so without. Lemurians bring the higher light within so that our reality brightens in accordance. These crystals are profoundly alchemical. They help us ascend into a dreamlike reality. They are among our favorites in all the mineral kingdom. 

Lemurian crystals also have wonderful time saving effects. As they raise our vibration they accelerate us along our path so that we achieve our goals and dreams more quickly. They are magical in every sense of the word. Amari and I have used Lemurians for years. They have helped us to harness the higher light which we use each day in our spiritual service. They are ascension in crystal form. 

Golden Lemurians are extremely rare and most valuable in terms of spirituality and alchemy. Their golden-white light attunes us with the highest spiritual dimensions. They promote rapid physical healing, rapid spiritual enlightenment, rapid spiritual enrichment, instant spiritual protection, gradual cellular beautification, longevity, mystical evolution, and union with God. They are absolutely magical.

This cluster is more sword-like than cluster-like. The crystal faces are very well defined with Lemurian "stairway" growth patterns. Its energy is clear, uplifting, calming, and expansive. It feels best over the heart, near the neckline, or resting on the forehead's third eye area. Highly energetic!
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