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Charoite is a premier psychological healing crystal that gently erases traumas out of the mind

towards a restoration of pure, powerful and increasingly intuitive mental performance. With the great prevalence of social mental illness we feel that Charoite is an extremely important crystal for people to be working with at this time. It is especially valuable for people who have experienced hellish or highly abusive things that continue to haunt them on the inner level.


Charoite is priceless for prisoners of trauma patterns whose lives are held hostage by pains of the past that recur frequently in their minds. By simply holding or wearing it Charoite concentrates deep healing energy into the subconscious mind to accelerate recovery from trauma, PTSD, negative programming and other forms of psychic scarring. The end result is a purified, refreshed, liberated mind that can reclaim its lost power more and more each day.


Charoite is especially effective at dissolving fear, unreasonable anxiety and negative entity connections that severely attack and disturb human thought patterns. While Charoite works its righteous mental alchemy it enhances intuition and psychic development so that the mind becomes more powerful. Charoite is absolutely a ‘darkness to light’ crystal for the mind that should be immediately considered for anyone struggling with darkness on the mental level.


Charoite’s benefits can be amplified further by combining it with Herkimer Diamonds. This combination casts powerful white light into the deepest levels of the psyche where the roots of trauma and conscious dysfunction exist. Charoite also harmonizes very well with Eudyalite, a rare and highly effective heart and emotional healer. With 2020 trauma pattens still abounding we highly recommend Charoite as a gemstone that will bring the mind back into the Light.


This is a polished, richly colored, A++ quality Russian Charoite set in sterling silver pendant form. Wear this as a necklace, render a healing prayer to God and the healing magic will flow from there. No drugs, no side effects, no unnecessary psychiatric bills, just natural, clean mental healing the way that God intended through this crystal. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. May your mind be fully restored!


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


© Copyright 2021-2102. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who illegally uses our metaphysical description of Charoite.

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