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Black Tourmaline Stretch Bracelet 6mm

Black Tourmaline Stretch Bracelet 6mm


Black tourmaline is a great crystal for rapidly purging and protecting against the most intense and destructive forms of negative energy. This is a powerful yet gentle bracelet of protection against spiritual evil and 'negative attachements' that can cling on to us after intense experiences with spiritual darkness.


We recommend black tourmaline to people who want to powerfully strengthen their aura against evil and toxic negativity from others while advancing their own purification process. Black tourmaline makes you feel 'clean and clear' of negative vibes very quickly while offering a comforting grounding feeling. 


Black tourmaline is a perfect crystal for those who are beginning their alchemical process. So much of spiritual alchemy is based upon inner purification and energetic refinement. Black tourmaline advances this work in a very powerful way. It's also great for overcoming 'inner demons' and transforming into a cleaner, more pure life. 


This is a beautiful, polished, A+++ quality black touramline bead bracelet sealed with a gold-fill bead. The 6mm faceted tourmalines are strung along a durable stretch cord. It measures a standard 7” in circumference but can stretch to 7.25”. It sings with high frequency. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. If you’d like a special size made for your wrist just comment and Amari will create one to your specifications.


Wishing you deep cleansing and powerful protection,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


“Sal & Amari”


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