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When mother nature blended Azurite and Malachite together she made a wonderful healing crystal for us to benefit from. This is the type of pendant that an ancient apothecary would have worn as it attracts healing resources and knowledge while enhancing one’s mystical connection to nature.


The mixture of Azurite and Malachite clarifies lost or confused healing focus while boosting a healer through frustrating stick points. It helps one to mentally and intuitively perfect healing recipes, formulas, and regimens while offering a general increase to one’s medical intuition.


Azurite/Malachite is a perfect crystal for those in a healing profession. But it also has an esoteric aspect to it, it helps to recall subconscious soul wisdom that can lead to new healing progress.


Rich in water and earth element energy, Azurite/Malachite offers instant clarification and grounding to one’s emotional state. It help one to end self destructive health practices while also enhancing focus and commitment to long term healing objectives.


Azurite/Malachite speaks, “honor your temple, I will help you to do so.” It raises one’s spirituality through the physical body, natural resources, and healing processes. It also has a magical effect of attracting ideal healers into one’s life while raising a “poison sense” for threats to one’s health, especially if they are subtle or unknown.


Azurite/Malachite emits a cool and connected “natural mystic” vibe when worn. It feels like mother nature offering calm and reassurance that true healing will be achieved. And because of the copper content, Azurite/Malachite offers the added bonus of sharpening our mental focus. It feels very crisp mentally.


This beautiful pendant was created from Malachite, Azurite, and sterling silver. It measures 2.0" tall by 0.75" wide.

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