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Astrocartography is the branch of astrology that concentrates celestial wisdom upon the most ideal living location for a person. Astrology can be used to discern such things with profound accuracy and immense value so that a person is planted in the wisest terrestrial soil.


With this service I will advise my client on the most ideal living location according to their astrology, their circumstances and their stated goals. I will do this to the precise nation and city through advanced methodology that I will apply for the great benefit of my client.


I can help my client to choose between preselected locations or I can recommend a location or two based on my own calculations. Out of respect for complex family dynamics I can also analyze the birth charts of multiple family members to properly assess and weigh the ideal location for a family while considering all individual priorities, goals, needs and concerns.


I pledge to work with you as if you were my own family in a spirit of excellence and integrity that holds your highest interests at heart. I will deliver my Avalon service through secure email and Word document format along with all relevant horoscopes attached.


On another important note, as a practicing Uranian astrologer my analysis and advisement will be based on Uranian astrology which is a quantum leap ahead of traditional astrological perspective. My service to you will have a superior perspective, value and accuracy infused within it.


If you have any questions about this service I welcome you to write me through our contact page. If you are new to my work I welcome you to read my rave reviews. I look forward to working with you and to providing my most beneficial and enlightening service.


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Delivery Speed

    Delivered within 4 - 8 weeks depending upon client volume, an expedited service option is available. By booking this service you agree to the stated waiting period and terms. No refunds.

  • Chart Study Count

    This service may require me to create and analyze the charts of additional people (family, etc) to produce my final advisement. 

    The fee for additional chart creation and study is $75 per person as this entails more time and detailed work in chart analysis.

    When booking this service select the chart count that reflects your situation. If it's just you select zero, if you have three other family members to consider select four (you plus three others). 

    After you are booked I will write you to gather the birth information of all the people invovled, my blessings to you and your family.


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