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Atlantean Larimar

Atlantean Larimar

Larimar, otherwise known as the “Stone of Atlantis”, is found only in the Dominican Republic making it rarer than diamond. It carries a Cancer/Aquarius energy signature reminiscent of the lost kingdom of Atlantis which is suspected to have fallen northeast of the Caribbean island region where Larimar is currently found. It is a metaphysical treasure trove that instills wonderful effects into the mind, body, and spirit of its owner. 

Larimar’s energy helps one to create and to build in harmony with the ever-changing lunar cycles. It attracts priceless connections with soul family as well as unexpected forms of life security. It has genetic healing and activation effects that help us evolve into a supra-human state. It instills healing and new intelligence on the emotional level while it balances our masculine and feminine energies. Larimar fosters inner peace by harmonizing intracellular communication and can help one to learn emotional mastery. 

In a more profound sense Larimar helps us to understand our star origins. In meditation it can guide the mind to explore the past/present/future time continuum in spiritually beneficial ways. It aids in past life recall and through inner and outer experiences it helps us to understand the great reasons for our birth. With its Cancer/Aquarius energy signature it helps us to consciously align our family and business activities with the cosmic order. In this way it helps us to manifest more peace, security, and abundance in our lives. 

Larimar makes a great choice for conscious family leaders, business owners, old souls, lightworkers, and expecting mothers. Its energy can activate dormant parts of our genetic code to help us step fully into our highest cosmic potentials. It helps us to access and convey ancient wisdom and higher cosmic wisdom. It is especially empowering for women as it helps to cultivate the inner queen, priestess, and goddess energies. This is a two toned combination of silver and copper.
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