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Full Moon Insights | 7° Scorpio | April 26th, 2021

The seventh degree of Scorpio, where our upcoming full moon will shine, governs many secret things with evils, crimes and deceptions for wealth being one of them. Full moons are times of culmination, correction, illumination and if you've been living wisely, blessing from God. Because of the pandemic and the recent U.S. election much evil has been done for the sake of wealth and power but ultimately God is the master of these things and through this full moon powerful stones will be overturned to advance His perfect agenda. Financial debts, dark money, secret financial control and the corrupt use of wealth will soon be lasered into by universal light so that our world is improved through a mystical process of divine transformation that is far beyond enemy control.

A powerful new unearthing process will begin globally and within our personal lives that will lead us closer to the heart of Mystery Babylon which desperately tries to conceal itself. It should be understood that this full moon, occurring mere hours before Pluto's retrograde in Capricorn, will have extraordinarily far reaching 'revelation effects' that put it in a class of its own as far as full moons are concerned. In other words, the alchemy of this full moon will carry onward throughout the Pluto retrograde period in contrast to those which dwindle out shortly after they come. On a spiritual level this full moon asks, "what transformations do I need to make to increase wealth, power and survivability during these times of prophesied tribulation?" The answers will soon be given.

Technically speaking, this full moon opposes Uranus in Taurus which translates into sudden losses and gains of wealth in material and astral terms. This is a full moon of wild swings in wealth, including on the astral level which is where the secret structure of terrestrial wealth truly exists. Who will lose and who will gain? The answer is as simple as, "who has done right with wealth and debt, and who hasn't?" Adding pressure to the already pressurized full moon is the presence of Lilith in conjunction to Venus at 15° Taurus which is a direct clash of infernal feminine against divine feminine energy, especially as it expresses itself through wealth, self esteem and treasured personal possessions. Because of Lilith's location be on guard against fights, crimes and evils done for the sake of money.

On a most positive note, the 7th degree of Scorpio is where things which have been destroyed are rebuilt. Think of a city laid waste by war, then seeing it be rebuilt into a superior, more glorious form. This is an example of the divinity of seven Scorpio so have hope that the time has finally come for destroyed conditions to be rebuilt. It is common knowledge that the world has suffered greatly in an economic sense because of the Pluto pandemic but this full moon signals the end to the worst of the economic pain. Those who serve the Light on Earth will receive new ability and momentum to rebuild post full moon despite Pluto's retrograde influence. Esoterically, seven Scorpio also governs supernatural growth, like roses growing mysteriously through thick rocks.

Jesus once said, "If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Our Lord was teaching detachment from the material world as a prerequisite for obtaining the true wealth which is heavenly in nature. Beneath this Scorpio full moon it is wise for us to examine if we are too attached to the things of this world, to the empty paper notes or the hyper bubbles of digital currencies. Ascend through detachment from wealth and show God a higher sense of values and you will most definitely receive the higher and true currency which will never fail you. Do not fear your debts but pay them so that God may open new doors for you that will lead to your permanent conquest of debt.

As I've taught in years past, full moons are also times of bestowal and reward for those who have lived the cycles virtuously. Sacred resources, talents and gifts of mystery will be descending and circulating to the most deserving on Earth from the God who judges perfectly. With the themes of reconstruction and rebuilding in mind, pay close attention to special resources that present themselves to you in proximity to the full moon as they can be part of your new developmental curve. The full moon can also open access to things which are needed for healing, growth and positive transformation to take place. Asset conversions are governed by seven Scorpio so sell or trade things which you don't need for the higher things that you do. Be detached and flow with the full moon alchemy.

Initiation, inheritance and wealth transference are all governed by Scorpio so these themes will be powerfully active in the days and weeks ahead. If the universe gives to you be sure to return goodness into society and if you are trusted with power be sure to wield it righteously. Now it's time for us all to journey deeper into Scorpio, just as Pluto retrogrades, so that we may be healed, renewed and made more powerful than before. The cosmos beckons us to evolve beyond the wounds, fears, traumas and plots of 2020 because humanity has a higher, promised destiny to achieve. Seven paragraphs for the full moon at seven Scorpio, may it be profound and blessed for us all.

Born in the 8th,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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1 Comment

Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor
Apr 24, 2021

Dank je wel, thank you, danke vielmahls, merci beaucoup, muchos gracias, grazie... Salvador. With red tulips from the Netherlands, walking on wooden clogs in the clay 🌹😍🐐🦂

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