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The Metaphysical Properties of Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite is a hyper-productive, genius-stimulating Uranian crystal containing iron, titanium and potassium. It resonates with the planetary natures of Uranus and Mars, it is very rare and its gifts are absolutely revolutionary. Astrophyllite, with its cerebral yet grounded charge, immediately opens the crown chakra to receive a new and rapidly developing level of intelligence that is focused upon enlightened productivity. Its alchemy enhances us so that we sense and know the most productive use of physical and cosmic energy at any given time. Astrophyllite's energy raises master builders who build with the stars in mind.

Astrophyllite is a superb crystal choice for those who feel stuck in a rut with the work that they do. It inspires a soul to modify and evolve their work in brilliant, freedom-oriented ways while attracting and enhancing their ability to manifest a labor that liberates. Astrophyllite is most excellent for people who have to plow through large amounts of work in short periods of time and it is awesome for group work, especially if all team members are using it. Astrophyllite empowers us to master the crossroads of time and productivity as it directly and radically improves our timeliness with work. It's grooms us into new master workers.

Astrophyllite is a wise choice for architects and those in related fields as it enhances cognition for building, design and construction. It empowers the mind/body connection so that performance sharply improves. Because of the iron content and the Mars resonance Astrophyllite sparks motivation, drive and new physical energy towards the successful achievement of work-related tasks. It brings a genius and a charge that makes it virtually impossible to remain stagnant. Astrophyllite is a super crystal for those with undeveloped Taurus planets, asteroids or 2nd house placements; it helps us become rock solid.

Medically speaking, Astrophyllite's energy is very beneficial against forms of cognitive decline and physical lethargy. From a higher and more ancient perspective, Astrophyllite has a sacred connection to archaeo-astronomy which was and is the enlightened practice of building megaliths in alignment with the heavens. Alchemically speaking, there is a powerful and benevolent connection to Uranus, the Sky Father, from this crystal along with a perfect resonance to the active Uranus transit of Taurus. It makes one feel like Neo after receiving a master program for wise working and building - and all with vitality and speed.

We are pleased to offer natural, top-grade Astrophyllite to those who seek this type of energy enhancement and life experience. There is more to tell about this crystal but because of experiences with plagiarism in the community we must reserve further information for our upcoming crystal codex which will bridge the mineral kingdom to the realm of astrology as never before. We invite you to our new Astrophyllite gallery where you can choose your own specimen. We have shipped nationally and globally for years with a 99.9% success rate so order with confidence. This article was written under the electric influence of Astrophyllite.

With truth and integrity to the properties of Astrophyllite,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

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© 2021-2022. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism of our description of Astrophyllite (intellectual property) will result in legal action.

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