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Ron DeSantis: Astrological Profile

After his glorious re-election as Governor of Florida it is clear to many that Ron DeSantis is poised to become the future leader of the Republican Party, a position which some claim that he holds now as speculation mounts about his 2024 presidential ambitions. With Governor DeSantis in the national spotlight I thought it prudent to show and discuss his cosmic identity through his approximate horoscope (sans birth time) which can be found below. Ron was born a Virgo Sun with a political fate on his chest through the North Node's position at 26° Virgo with Zeus at 17° Virgo at his rear flank. With Zeus so close to his Sun, the closest of all his luminaries, he is genuinely a 'Zeus type' which he has demonstrated to all through his great strength, wisdom and leadership.

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For the record, this is exactly what Governor DeSantis was born beneath:

  • Sun at either 21° or 22° Virgo, depending on birth time

  • Moon in either Aquarius or Pisces, depending on birth time

  • Mercury at either 7° or 8° Virgo, depending on birth time

  • Venus at either 6° or 7° Scorpio, depending on birth time

  • Mars at 26° Libra

  • Jupiter at 1° Leo

  • Saturn at 6° Virgo

  • Uranus at 13° Scorpio

  • Neptune at 15° Sagittarius

  • Pluto at 15° Libra

  • Athena at 11° Sagittarius

  • Apollo at 7° Libra

  • Hercules Rx at 7° Taurus

  • Chiron Rx at 9° Taurus

  • Vesta at 19° Sagittarius

  • Demeter at 10° Capricorn

  • Juno Rx at 23° Capricorn

  • Vulcan at 9° Cancer

  • Eros at 2° Scorpio

  • Poseidon at 23° Libra

  • Zeus at 17° Virgo

  • Lilith Rx at 18° Leo

  • Hades Rx at 28° Taurus

  • Kronos Rx at 13° Gemini

  • Pleroma at 17° Leo

  • Fate at 26° Virgo


Even without a perfect birth time we can see an extremely dutiful and effective public servant with strong moral principals, qualities which are symbolized through his abundance of Virgo energy as well as his Sagittarian placements which include an exalted Athena. I see diplomatic strength through his Apollo and Mars in Libra as well as an economic healer trait through his Chiron in Taurus. Through his Scorpio placements I see deep intuitive talent and great instincts for survival and power. He was also born with a spiritual crown, an asset which is symbolized by his Jupiter in Leo which is also the symbol of his extraordinary popular appeal. In November of 2024 Jupiter will be transiting retrograde in Gemini in square to his Sun, an aspect which could mean election victory if he wins the Republican nomination which I think is highly unlikely.

I have full intention of adding more to this article as my time permits. I have many things in my lap at this time but I wanted to get this out for those who are curious about Ron DeSantis' astrological makeup. The recent blood moon was obviously good for him as it activated a place of power in his chart while also aspecting his politically-charged Neptune in Sagittarius. Let's keep an eye on Mr. DeSantis together while praying in unity for the highest interests of the USA to be served in the most blessed ways that God ordains. I hope you've enjoyed.


Astrologer Salvador Russo


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