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The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse in Pisces

When the Eye of Ra blinks the world is transformed divinely and fatefully. The ring of fire solar eclipse in Pisces marks a great and positive turning point in the spiritual war that rages throughout the Earth. An epic, tragedy-ending wave of cosmic energy is soon to enter our lives and days to transmute old sorrows into new hope and unexpected progress. No one is forgotten in Heaven and the least of us will gain the most during this magical Piscean cycle. The wealth and magic of the royal star Fomalhault, which was cherished by the Biblical magi, will soon be with all the worthy among us. I entreat you now to my unique astrological forecast that you may have a clear and sharp sense for the future.

I predict the following themes and events to manifest ‘til the full moon in Pisces on September 5th:

  • the restoration of hope and optimism where they have been long lost

  • the gradual division of people according to spiritual lawfulness and lawlessness

  • the beginning of the long awaited medical revolution

  • the stimulation of new truth-sensing abilities among the population

  • the transcendence of self-defeating thought and communication patterns

  • the fracturing and destruction of dangerous illusions, great and small

  • the unveiling of secret lives, false loyalties, and treacherous deeds

  • sudden influxes of knowledge and resources to treat unspoken sorrows

  • mystical enrichment of mind power among the good and virtuous

  • the timey acquisition of life saving or tragedy preventing knowledge

  • a great increase of awareness, love, and support towards child and youth suffering

  • tremendous spiritual initiations and openings of secret esoteric paths

  • life-improving realizations on failed relationships and dead-end trajectories

  • blessed sequences of events that increasingly relieve pain, sorrow, guilt, and shame

  • spiritually-orchestrated exposures of all two-faced people, high and low

  • presentations of opportunities to karma cleanse through blessings in disguise

  • widespread angel testing of compassion, sympathy, charity, and generosity

  • the issuance of targeted blessings that recompense souls for the failures of others

  • the offering of new medical, therapeutic, and spiritual support for mental afflictions

  • a mysteriously divine emergence of repeating twin themes, thoughts, words, and signs

  • and the flourishing of wondrous new levels of mental gnosis and alchemical ability

Karmic Tempest

The laws, powers, and experiences of spiritual karma belong to Pisces, the mysterious house that rules self-destruction as well as sublime mystical union with God. As I’ve written before, when there are astrological events in Pisces the activities of karma are greatly quickened and amplified for better or worse. Know this clearly: the ring of fire solar eclipse in Pisces will trigger a great karmic tempest that will divinely alter our collective trajectory into the future.

All past goodness and noble sacrifice will soon be blessed incredibly with imperishable heavenly light that will manifest as earthly miracles. And all past evil will soon be corrected with powerful and unrelenting doses of karmic justice. Karma is as real as sunlight and the next few months will prove it to even the most ardent of skeptics.

Medical Revolution

The pharma-cult should fear what this eclipse will bring, nothing less than the beginning of our long-awaited medical revolution that returns health care to sanity, integrity, and intimacy with nature. All poisons masked as medicines and all the people, agencies, and corporations that push them will find themselves on the receiving end of intense karmic correction throughout this year as the wave of this eclipse will carry us into the ‘Babylon-breaking’ Jupiter in Scorpio transit that will bring Big Pharma to its knees.

Observe what happens to the poison-pushers, to those who have betrayed medical and scientific integrity at the great expense of innocent life. The full weight of the tragedies that they have created will be placed upon them by higher powers. Their secrets will be exposed, they will be betrayed from within, and the days of the pharma-cult will be darkening immensely. To those who have suffered because of them, take heart in knowing that a powerful and loving season of divine correction has begun.

Red Fish, Blue Fish

Are surely as there are two fish in the ancient glyph of Pisces this eclipse will offer us two distinct mental paths to take: the path of the red fish which is that of higher cosmic truth, elevated consciousness, and increasing personal freedom or the path of the blue fish which is that of insidious Babylonian illusion, self-delusion, and gradual self-destruction. Eclipses create new energetic environments on our planet. They are extremely evolutionary in effect.

The universe is calling upon all earth citizens to seek and embrace truth no matter the personal costs. By doing this souls can harmonize with Saturn’s vibration which opens one to new freedom, new wisdom, and new spiritual power. A new order is entering, a new reality is forming, and now more than ever we must go the way of the red fish that promises freedom.

Mars/Uranus Conjunction

This eclipse will usher in divinely electrified relationship potentials. As it activates Mars and Uranus will form exact conjunction at 21° Aries, a degree that Alexander the Great knew well, and both will be in opposition to Jupiter retrograde at 22° Libra. This extremely catalytic energy will echo forth throughout the eclipse cycle having dramatic and multi-faceted effects on our relationship lives.

Expect lightning-like exits and entrances of people with the common themes of new liberty, new opportunity, new success, new learning, and new advancement to be prominent. This energy forbids old stagnancy and old dysfunction within relationships to continue onward into the future. Set ultimatums, force changes, clear space, engage great and radical new opportunities with confidence, and capitalize on the game-changing relationships that God sends your way. And with Mars involved watch for surprise entrances of elite men.

Neptune’s Healing Light

On March 1st, just days after the eclipse, the Sun will form conjunction with Neptune at 11° Pisces. This is one of the cosmic degrees where miracles are lawfully worked. March 1st is a very special day for the world because divine healing energy will be entering everywhere to stimulate and accelerate new healing processes on individual, municipal, and national levels.

Pay special attention to healing synchronicities on this tremendously graceful day when Neptune’s healing light will be pouring through the ether. Beyond the Sun/Neptune conjunction healing timelines will be divinely improved so that pain, disease, sorrow, and hopelessness are replaced by their divine counterparts. Healing miracles will become much more common after the Sun has its time with Neptune on March 1st of 2017.

Cayce Currents

For weeks I have sensed that the mysterious mental abilities of the great Christian mystic Edgar Cayce would somehow be involved with this Pisces solar eclipse cycle. Edgar Cayce is easily one of the most prominent Pisceans to have ever lived with his horoscope boasting an extraordinary stellium in Pisces. I predict that super mystical ‘Cayce currents’ will begin streaming into the minds of the good seekers, healers, and mystics of the world as an unexpected side effect of this eclipse.

Beyond this, and as a general theme for the population at large, intellect and intuition we be splendidly blended all throughout this cycle so that our minds become more magical, more creative, and more connected. The legendary ‘Hand of the Mysteries’ will be extended in secret to worthy new initiates around the world. Minds will be drawn across the veil in a state of peace and mystical wonder. Alchemists of the world, prepare for your mental odysseys to beautify beyond belief.

Duplicity Deconstructed

Who is the leaker? Who is the traitor? Who among us is secretly working for our enemies? These questions will swirl about like cyclones in the high offices of power as the energy of this eclipse works its way through the great structures of our civilization. I will tell you this much, it’s a very, very bad time to be a double agent, a two-faced snake, or a double-speaking liar.

God won’t stand for it and this eclipse brings the season of high account for all who have betrayed their good, proper, and natural duties. False masks will melt as the virtuous light of Pisces heats up the lives of the treacherous. Nothing is hidden from the all seeing eye that shines above our world each day and no mortal can outrun the perfect reach of the astrological Sun. The grass will soon be cut low so that all the snakes will show.

Love Forecast

The forecast for love is absolutely radiant because of the ‘Great American Total Solar Eclipse’ that will occur on August 21st at 28° Leo in conjunction to the Gate of Regulus at 29° Leo. By this time Vulcan, one of the immortal gods, will have re-entered Leo and Mars will also be in transit of Leo. Although I am gifted with language it is challenging for me to convey how rich, and passionate, and sensational this future energy and time will be. Jupiter is yet retrograde in Libra, as is Zeus, and many breakups can and should be happening. But have hope if you are going through hard or painful relationship times because a super-majestic, once-in-a-lifetime love/passion wave is coming this August and no heart will be left untouched.

Ascension Keys

Each cycle is unique and at certain times certain activities are more fortunate or valuable in terms of spiritual ascension. This cycle is no different so I offer the following ‘ascension keys’ with the intention of aiding your spiritual ascent ‘til the full moon in Pisces, as follows:

  • intervene to improve the lives of wayward children and youth within your reach

  • recognize a stale or fruitless trajectory and act boldly to improve your timelines

  • create new relationship boundaries and ultimatums timed to the end of Jupiter’s retrograde (June 8th)

  • do not condone betrayal, manipulation, or breeches of trust within your relationships

  • create in accordance with repetitive spiritual inspiration, Taurus is around the corner

  • keep thoughts high, pure, positive, and constructive lest karma correct you suddenly

  • blessings in disguise are coming to all, strive to learn the true lesson and value

  • use the stars to discern political truth which is often obscured and perverted

  • analyze thought, speech, and reaction patterns to filter out self-defeating ways

  • disengage from all forms of false media and attempts at mind control

  • repair and invest in sibling relationships if possible and where reasonable

  • the knowledge of personal destiny will circulate mysteriously, heed and proceed

  • don’t be too proud or afraid to admit where you’ve gone wrong, this wins blessing

  • immediately turn away from all forms of Satanism and black magic

  • expose directly or anonymously any evil or crime being done in secret

  • if a secret life is made known to you handle it wisely

  • this cycle is anti-suicide and anti-addiction, work accordingly and optimistically

  • move proactively with new medical insight, support, and momentum that manifests

  • catch up with official paperwork requirements before Saturn’s retrograde begins (April 5th)

  • pay it forward to win good, rapid, and perfectly tailored karmic returns


The cosmic fish is soon to glow, magic gnosis soon to flow. Healing light as pure as snow, Neptune’s rain will steal the show. Royal stars as guiding lights, they help us win the spirit fights. I’m learning all the sacred rites, Athena’s owls sing in my nights. Angels cloaked in humble forms, suicidal kids in dorms. Don’t adjust to evil norms, Saturn’s retro brings the storms. Cayce’s currents through the ether, Ra the ancient pharaoh teacher. Venus smiles then men get weaker, yes indeed I’m quite the seeker. I’m far beyond my natal chart, a royal Saj with Leo’s heart. Wifey’s wisdom made me start, my passion pouring through my art.

May your cycle be divine,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2017, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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This article was written under the influence of Moldavite, Sugilite, and Lemurian crystal.

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