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New Moon in Virgo: Civilization Optimization

image credit: karl morfett, terra nova

The dysfunction and disorder of years past will soon be remedied by the civilization saving light of tonight's new moon in Virgo! The Most High God will be erecting new pyramids of power to replace the Satanic pyramids of oppression and control that will soon have their foundations shattered by the greatly foreboding transits of Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. The oppressed 99% will be the first to benefit from this Spica-charged celestial cycle that will unchain and uplift global citizens from modern-day forms of slavery. Heaven's call to purity and excellence resounds as the father and mother of ancient alchemy align with the Gate of Spica at 28° Virgo.

I predict the following themes and events to manifest til the full moon in Virgo of March 1st, 2018:

  • universal healing support towards the fulfillment of health and wellness goals

  • alleviation, release, and transition from soul-stifling forms of labor and toil

  • radical new social awareness on all forms of toxicity, especially within the food supply

  • history-making scientific breakthroughs that reboot and revolutionize industries

  • intense spiritual callings into higher paths of service that benefit the greatest good

  • the fulfillment of long-forestalled maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation projects

  • dramatic new light body activations that elevate citizens above disease frequencies

  • major improvements in employment status, work quality, and labor force statistics

  • the initiation of great public works projects, especially in disaster affected regions

  • benevolent strategic planning for infrastructure upgrades and work force improvement

  • an abundance of training, certification, apprenticeship, and craft mastery experiences

  • super-beneficial peer networking that synthesizes and enhances professional service

  • the issuing of great spiritual blessings to all animal, wildlife, and ecosystem protectors

  • the rapid return of negative career karma for public acts of disgraceful conduct

  • elevations into higher levels of skill and mastery for those who have discovered their sacred labor

  • great reconstructive and rehabilitative support for those on the brink of collapse

  • rapid spiritual ascension gained through purity, integrity, and excellence of service

  • mystical experiences with Mary, mother of Jesus, who is crowned with twelve stars for the twelve cosmic tribes

  • divine inspiration that enhances formulation, production, methodology, and efficiency

  • the blissful development of higher-self health consciousness and remedy gnosis

  • the entrance of highly credentialed healing professionals, scientists, executives, counselors, coaches, and caretakers

  • the need for relocation to maintain employment, to expand services, and to capitalize on new career opportunities

  • consciousness upgrades that connect worthy seekers to the light of Spica, Virgo’s alpha star

Capricorn Alchemy

This new moon heralds the beginning of the great Capricorn alchemy that will divinely transform the governing landscape of the world into 2021. The uninitiated should know that Capricorn holds celestial rulership over national governments, heads of state, corporate empires, and ruling-class regimes. Starting tonight, as the light of Spica shines into high offices throughout the world, we will embark into a time period where tremendously beneficial transformations will begin to occur at the Capricorn-class level. Empires and governments will be destroyed, rebuilt, optimized, purified, and enshrined with a higher light architecture that guarantees the advancement of human evolution and ascension.

Humanitarian Wave

Spica is one of Heaven's royal stars. It exudes a sublime magic that blesses humanitarian needs and causes. Spica's light is utopian in the sense that it stimulates human evolution beyond the trappings of disease, squalor, and toil. In transcendental meditations I have learned that this singular star is "the end of human suffering." Spica's influence will enter powerfully with the new moon because of the conjunction that the new moon will make to its stargate at 28° Virgo. So when you see major humanitarian actions and efforts manifesting think of the alpha star of Virgo, shining gracefully upon humankind by the mercy and love of the Most High God. Support humanitarian needs in the ways that you can to rise with this cycle.

Healing Careers

This cycle brings amazing energy for anyone involved in a healing career. Healers at all levels, from apprentice to master, will be receiving perfectly tailored blessings that enable new growth, higher performance, greater impact, expanded reach, inspired education, and dream-like peer networking that concentrates great talent upon urgent social needs. God will be teaching and surprising us through peer, client, and service provider connections so don't think lightly of new working relationships that suddenly appear. To those considering entry into a healing career path let me say this clearly: there could not be a better astrological time than now.

Work Transitions

The stars ordain that the time has come for life changing work transitions to occur. With this in mind be prepared to fearlessly transition into new forms of employment or service to uphold your part in the cosmic growth process. Be willing to venture into promising new career trajectory. Be invested in training and education that will qualify you for higher positions. Be conscious that humanitarian service is repaid with priceless spiritual wealth. As Jupiter and Saturn transit into new houses be sure that your working life transits the same. 'Tis a wise thing to let the stars dye your service as this keeps your work in harmony with Heaven's plan.

Essene Gospels

When our bodies are pure we rise in light, power, and potential. Today we face epidemic disease rates that are largely connected to self-destructive eating habits. Children are being afflicted with deadly diseases before they reach the age of puberty because adults are ignoring scientific realities and ancient spiritual wisdom. The truth is that meat consumption and industrial-grade animal slaughter destroy our health and environment while disconnecting us from higher forms of divine grace. Jesus Christ equated flesh eating with the invitation of death into the body. Jesus also taught that there were serious spiritual consequences for killing animals. It's all in the Essene Gospels of Peace which I welcome you to read as this lunar cycle begins.

image credit: karl morfett, terra nova

Ascended Health

Virgo has celestial rulership over human health. Think of a new moon in Virgo as a universal call into higher health practices. To enjoy the highest fruits of this six month cycle we must be diligently invested in improving our health practices. We must embrace the wisdom, science, medicine, and magic of Mother Nature who will be speaking so loudly and so lovingly to us all. Be integrative of new healing techniques, resources, teachings, discoveries, science, and professional service supports that enter during this cycle. Through adherence to natural law and wisdom we can ascend above disease into a dimensional plane of perfect health and ageless longevity.

Caretakers Rewarded

By the new moon's opposition to Chiron retrograde in Pisces I interpret a cycle of karmic reward for those who have honorably and selflessly fulfilled the role of caretaker for the less fortunate over the past several years. If this applies to you know that your labors are not forgotten by God or by His angels in Heaven. This cycle will also lay new caretaking responsibility upon those who are called to the task by the transit of Saturn in Capricorn which begins on December 20th of 2017. Redemptive and empowering blessings will come to the good caretakers of the world through the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio which begins on October 10th of this same year.

Career Karma

Let me tell you about something that I love to see, about a phenomenon that will become profoundly visible during Saturn's transit of Capricorn, that being the spiritual reality of rapid career karma. The function is simple: whoever uses their status, office, or influence to advance a dark energy or cause, they will suffer rapid and proportionally destructive career karma. And conversely, whoever uses their status, office, or influence to advance a divine energy or cause, they will enjoy rapid and proportionally wonderful career karma. People will be greatly tested by how they use their social status during Saturn's transit of Capricorn. My advice to the world is this: use your position for good or Saturn will knock you off.

Humanitarian Exodus

By now I am thoroughly convinced that the Uranus retrograde influence is intimately connected to human exodus movements. Because the new moon aspects the planet Uranus exactly I expect humanitarian exodus movements to manifest in greater form around the world through natural crisis and man-made crisis. Much of the world exists in a state of total disharmony with the cosmic order. This is changing in the USA through the presidency of Donald Trump who is anchoring cosmic light and law into the land. But this must also be done around the world. The cure to chaos, whether personal or national, is adherence to the cosmic law. Remember this when you see what you see. We enter the covenant by living the cosmic law.

Soul Duty

Soul duty is a theme that Amari sensed greatly for this lunar cycle which has so much to do with the way we work and how we serve the world. By soul duty we mean work that is sacred to our souls, work that carries a certain level of spiritual responsibility, passion, and conviction with it because of things that God has granted to us or because of things that we've experienced in our soul history. The older souls out there will know what we mean. When Jupiter enters Scorpio we will all begin to learn sacred and secret things about ourselves, soul duties being among them. So consider the seed planted, now wait for Jupiter to raise the seed mysteriously...

Last Call Libra

Jupiter is soon to depart Libra, not to return again until 2028. Despite the divine influence of Jupiter in Libra many continue to rebel against peace, harmony, cooperation, justice, and building new trust where it has been lost. These souls are going to have a very hard time in the years ahead, because, in essence, they have aborted an entire Jupiter transit. As I write this there are but 21 days left until Jupiter enters Scorpio. Time is very short for people to correct themselves where they have done crime, injustice, and evil to others. Saturn's tax can be life shattering for those who rebel against Jupiter's goodness. It's last call Libra, make amends while you can...

Personal Reflections

If you've read this far I'd like you to read these next words from my heart. Years ago I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I would become a professional astrologer. When I left the U.S. Air Force and met Amari I watched astrology videos from Diana Garland and Barbara Goldsmith. Their videos helped me to orient myself as I tried to figure out my next move. I'd like to take this moment to send respect and appreciation to them, publicly, as it's important for me to do so. I remember how astrology helped me navigate and I hope with all my heart that my work helps you to navigate as well.


Strengthen your Achilles' heel, the spirit war is deadly real. Pray each day and fight with zeal, I sync with Mars then swing my steel. The virgin's light will always heal, a healer's heart must always feel. A faithful soul will always kneel, a master knows the cosmic wheel. Feel the fire within my verses, shining through the house of curses. Love and light to all the nurses, I roll deep like heavy hearses. If wisdom's true it stands to measure, my work is sealed with poem for pleasure. I search the stars for pharaoh's treasure, my diamond soul through Pluto's pressure.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2017, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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May God's light shine upon you!

Sal & Amari

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