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Full Moon in Virgo: Jupiter's Shadows

Jupiter will be exalted during tomorrow night's full moon in Virgo, exalted because of the dual trines from Mercury at 22° Pisces and Venus at 23° Pisces. This is the final full moon to shine prior to Jupiter's entry into retrograde at 23° Scorpio on March 8th so it has powerful significance to all. When Jupiter is retrograde a threshold of limitation is imposed upon all souls to force focus upon major issues in need of healing, repayment, and rectification. Jupiter's retrograde shadow will soon have us face-to-face with the aspects of our lives that are in greatest need of improvement. A new season of spiritual shadow work is soon to begin as the greater and lesser benefics align beneath the Virgin's healing light.

Blessing Time

As I've written on many occasions, full moons are natural times of blessing and reward for lawful living throughout the lunar cycle which the full moon culminates. By lawful living I am referring to life activities that are harmonious with the astrology of that cycle. In this case the spotlight is on the deeds that we've done since the new moon in Virgo of September 19th of 2017. Understand clearly that cycle deeds directly determine the nature of our full moon experiences. Keep this in mind over the coming days as blessings, corrections, consequences, and realignments begin manifesting through our physical health, working lives, service focus, special projects, career trajectory, clients, patients, pets, and diets.


The apprentice must learn from the master to become certified in a master's work. This is one of the great themes of Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio, that being initiation through apprenticeship. But because we are navigating the mystery waters of Scorpio these apprenticeships can be worldly or supernatural in nature. Many of you have already mastered a certain level or degree of skill and service but the time draws near for a new and intensified training regimen to come into form. Give everything to Jupiter retrograde apprenticeship, retraining, and skill development experiences that you may prosper in the highest ways possible once Jupiter resumes its mighty prograde on July 10th of 2018.

Shadow Work

Our shadows, demons, and secret wounds dwell in Scorpio. If the inner battle isn't won and if the old wounds aren't healed then growth and progress will be dampened in the future. They may be painful to confront but this is where God is guiding us through the timing of His royal planet. Be about your shadow work if you want to enjoy a great second half of 2018. Graceful supports will magnetize to each of us through Jupiter's timing but we must be willing to honestly confront our wounds, fears, deficits, vices, soul scars, and spiritual struggles. Be wise and time your healing sessions to days when cosmic healing energy will be greatest, like, for example, on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of March when the Sun trines Jove.

Healer Reshuffle

The full moon at 11° Virgo is also a crossroads for healers, counselors, doctors, clients, and patients. The hard truth is that some healers lack adequate knowledge and skill to help their client or patient achieve their wellness goals. These healers need Jupiter's retrograde training to transform and become truly effective in service. God knows who needs who so don't be surprised to see a reshuffling of healing, counseling, consulting, and caretaking relationships in the near future as a divine consequence of this full moon. Use the full moon light to scrutinize contentious and potentially dangerous medical and therapeutic advisements that have manifested in recent times. Follow the clear signs that are given.

Warning Signs

The full moon synchronicities will be conveying warning signs about destructive or neglectful practices on the fronts of health, spirituality, service, and reputation. This is highly significant because of the time proximity of the signs in relation to the Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio period (March 8th - July 10th). Let me state it clearly: when Jupiter is retrograde crisis, ruin, and prolonged hardship can manifest for those who are far out of cosmic alignment. Grace can become muted and recovery can take much longer during a Jupiter retrograde so if warning signs show themselves to you heed them, take them seriously, and work hard to fix them because Jupiter transits a potentially deadly house.

Financial Entanglements

One of the biggest pitfalls of the upcoming Jupiter retrograde is that of negative financial entanglements. Be very careful about this subject because it can have tremendous influence over your ability to advance and ascend in 2018. Scorpio rules over debts, credits, loans, accounting, audits, wealth transfers, inheritance, interest rates, credit reports, and financial penalties. These are all areas where great activity and spiritual testing will come into focus so do your absolute best to be wise, lawful, and proper within them. At times there will be saboteurs who will try to harm, steal, and manipulate through these avenues. Be vigilant of fraud, calculate truly, exercise fiscal discipline, and employ wise strategies.

Secret Lives

There are the lives that we see then there are the lives that are lived in secret. These secret lives will be hard to contain during the Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. The month of April will be especially eventful with secret life revelations. The full moon in Virgo will be triggering a mysterious sequence of events that will eventually work to flush out dark life secrets within families, neighborhoods, communities, and peer groups around the world. Sometimes it takes an act of God to see what is hidden in our midst. I tell you that this time rapidly approaches. But divine secrets are also a part of Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio. If they come to you be sure to hold them silently that God may whisper more to you...

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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