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Full Moon in Capricorn: Pluto's Purge

The full moon in Capricorn of July 8th will have an aura of intensity, inevitability, and extraordinary power because of its conjunction with Pluto, the great cosmic nemesis. Confrontations with the darker aspects and potentials of life will soon be in order but not without intercessions of grace that will source from the Cancer Sun and Zeus in Libra which will both be in aspect to Pluto retrograde at 18° Capricorn. The hour will soon be ripe for dangerous secrets and unknowns to be revealed so that life and healing can prevail over death and suffering. Pluto's dark strategies will soon be laid bare.

One of the major themes of this full moon is that of tragedy prevention. The heavenly hosts will be orchestrating towards this righteous end so keep this in mind if you find yourself facing fearsome personal challenges. Be open and committed to new forms of healing and necessary personal transformations that become clear to you. The upcoming week will be abundant with new interpersonal supports and relationship-based growth and healing opportunities. Many good hands will soon be extended in service and support to help us evolve beyond Plutonian problems.

Intense psychic, emotional, and spiritual purging will always be connected to certain Pluto alignments. In the extreme form we are talking exorcist level purging. When the full moon activates a trauma clearing energy will enter to help certain souls with regaining and healing themselves at the deepest levels. Suppressed wounds, guilty memories, and unspoken soul scars are what I am talking about and this is precisely where the Sun's healing energy will soon be going. For those with lots bottled up inside this full moon can trigger volcanic purging effects. Be aware now, in advance.

Now as I've written on many occasions full moons can deliver divine blessings that are proportionate to one's spiritual performance during that particular cycle. Full moons signal the completion of a lunar cycle, in this case a cycle that began back on December 28th of 2016. The blessings to come will relate to career, social status, reputation, honor, special privileges, worldly promotion, legacy, and the easing or lifting of certain responsibilities or duties, weights that have been carried with honor through the year thus far. The presence or absence of personal integrity will have great influence on what one receives this coming week.

Although many loathe to honestly analyze their character this full moon will be bringing character flaws to light. Although this may be uncomfortable it is quite necessary in a spiritual and astrological sense because of where we are going. When Saturn begins to transit Capricorn in December, for the better part of three years, noble character, honor, and integrity will mean everything with regards to growth, success, and spiritual ascension. So it's wise that character wrinkles get ironed out now, before Saturn's ray draws down without mercy. Reflect on character status with this full moon.

Spiritual mountain climbing is essentially the overcoming of Saturn through each of its house transits. It is the will of God that we mortals have mountains to climb. On December 20th Saturn will exit Sagittarius and many of us will find ourselves at the tops of the mountains that we've been scaling these past two years. Know this certainly, that God bestows legendary gifts to those who have the strength and determination to scale their Saturn mountains with honor. Be of this mind as the final months of Saturn in Sagittarius wind down and whatever you do maintain your honor, 'tis the first thing Saturn will measure in Capricorn...

From all that I have seen as a professional astrologer, within my life, within the lives of clients, and on the world stage, I believe wholeheartedly that Pluto can symbolize and manifest the greatest threats and blockages imaginable. Many in the community have a favorable view of Pluto, that it transforms and reveals and so forth. I am not one of them. What I have seen time and time again is that the Sun is the illuminator, the healer, and the way shower. Pluto is the concealer, the manipulator, the conspirator, and the criminal. As the Sun reveals Pluto's true nature during this full moon be wise and purge Pluto's influence from your life as best as possible.

It is Ra who holds the Key of Life, not Set...

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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Sal & Amari

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