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New Moon In Scorpio: Terrestrial Transmutation

On November 11th we will cross into a new cosmic season as the Sun and Moon form conjunction at 19° Scorpio, a supernatural degree of our zodiac where the elements of earth and water fuse to restore and revive souls from disease, pain, poverty, and death. On 11/11 the cosmos will bathe and baptize us with new life that we may enter 2016 with sure footing, higher power, and purer souls. The transmutations of our lives begin just days ahead as the Sun and Moon marry in the house of resurrection!

I predict the following events and themes to manifest until the full moon in Scorpio on April 22nd, 2016:

  • powerful and sustainable economic healing for the righteous

  • positive transformations with debts, credits, ratings, and loans

  • empowerment through inheritance in mundane and supernatural forms

  • mysterious and wonderful new qualities of life

  • life restoring psychological healing and emotional release

  • sacred consummations and commitments between lovers

  • enlightenment connected with death, mortality, time, and the afterlife

  • life-saving conversions of material wealth, property, and assets

  • increases in power and profit through trusted and intimate resource sharing

  • the release of guilt connected with the recent passing of loved ones

  • the mysterious reception of messages from loved ones who have crossed over

  • the manifestation of new psychic talents and resources

  • life-saving victories against disease and addiction

  • successful rehabilitative treatments, procedures, and programs

  • the acquisition of sacred objects that wield hidden power

  • powerful rebirths among the Tribe of Scorpio

  • the development of new spiritual purification rituals

  • great revelations connected to financial crimes of all forms

  • the spiritual punishment of thieves great and small

  • the achievement of new levels of self mastery

  • astonishing new proficiency with material manifestation ability

  • the empowerment of all healers, especially in the material sense

  • divinely inspired currency revaluations

  • destruction against pornographers and losses to that industry

  • sacred sexual experiences among true lovers

  • and the purging of demons in places of power

Terrestrial Transmutation

The Earth itself will be transformed during this lunar cycle. Mysterious, powerful, and destructive occurrences involving land and water will raise spiritual speculation and solemn new levels of understanding among the conscious. Crimes against the planet will be avenged as this Scorpio energy finds its way into the lives of the destroyers. New discoveries of wealth and resource will be shifting the dynamics of power on national and personal levels. There will even be prophetic signs in nature and among animals that further signal to us that we are indeed living within the “End Times” which precede the long awaited “New Times.” Expect material realities to transform rapidly during the next six months. Our inner-light will determine the nature of these upcoming life transformations. Purity is salvation.

The Holy Spirit

On November 18th, seven days after the new moon in Scorpio, Neptune will resume its prograde orbit in Pisces, an event of profound spiritual significance. Neptune is the cosmic abode of the Holy Spirit of Biblical renown. The influence of the Holy Spirit is tied to the motion of Neptune so beyond the prograde the influence of the Holy Spirit on the world stage will return to peak power. The days of November 28th, 29th, and 30th are highlighted as the Sagittarius Sun will be forming a square to Neptune as well as a conjunction to Saturn. On the 29th there will be a “777” pattern active by the Sun, Neptune, and Saturn all holding positions in the seventh degrees of Pisces and Sagittarius. I predict that many political Trojan horse efforts will be exposed and foiled on these days. Spirituality throughout the world will steadily increase through the winter months by the good graces of the Holy Spirit and Neptune prograde.

Healing Power

On November 28th one of the great celestial healing influences will return to full power as the asteroid Chiron will resume its prograde at 16° Pisces. Many a wounded patient and healer will be relieved at the sudden streak of progress that they enjoy beyond the Chiron prograde. Healers who have been frustrated with lack of progress will soon be finding it as the mythic centaur inspires new forms of healing successes. Paradigm shifts that break hopeless conditions and outlooks will sync with Chiron events this December. Expect transitions in care providers to be a part of the prograde. Between the new moon in Scorpio, the Neptune prograde, and the Chiron prograde healing energy will become more and more powerful as the weeks pass. Maintain hope and confidence that dire conditions will improve as these benevolent energies encircle our patients and healers.

Debt Recovery

In the zodiac credits, debts, and their transformations belong to Scorpio. New moons bring healing, renewal, and growth wherever they occur so to have one in Scorpio foretells that energies and experiences will soon be highly supportive of long awaited debt recoveries. I see this lunar cycle and all that it will bring as a great antidote to lingering pains and scars suffered during the Saturn in Scorpio transit. Scorpio is also the realm of power, regeneration, and wealth that belongs to others. In the near future many of us will enjoy forms of recovery and economic success directly supported by wealth and resources shared or awarded to us. Material wealth, to include cash and currencies, will soon be circulating in mysterious, life-nourishing ways. Use these energies to heal your debts while remembering that a debt paid is a door opened.

Sacred Resources

The highest growth of this cycle can be won through the acquisition and fearless application of sacred resources. What do I mean by sacred resources? I am referring to unusual and extraordinary objects, goods, tools, relics, possessions, garments, materials, medicines, books, treasures, and natural resources that have secret values, effects, and powers. It is wise that we expand our perceptive abilities so that we can see and sense the true values of these new sacred resources as they enter our lives in the weeks and months ahead. Many an initiation will be taking place through first-time experiences with new sacred resources. Some of these resources, and perhaps the best of them, will be totally immaterial in nature. All of them come to help us transform our quality of life in divine ways. They come to help us to develop more personal power and control over our lives. Enjoy them, and whatever you do, don’t fear them.

Purification Rituals

In many ancient, esoteric texts throughout the world, to include the legendary Emerald Tablets which Isaac Newton studied, great emphasis has been placed on the need to purify the soul so that freedom and liberty might be accessed and enjoyed. These times are no different and the need for purification couldn’t be greater. Use this new Scorpio time and energy wisely by finding new ways to purify your life, internally and externally. This is a vital part of the ascension process that simply cannot be ignored. If you want your life to rise in quality, or if you find yourself in crisis scenarios, focus on internal and external purification. Through this new cycle the universe will be conspiring to help us purify our lives so that we can ascend into blissful new states. Flow with positive changes that lead you into purer existence. Purge what doesn’t belong and sever ties with obvious darkness.

Inner Alchemy

Alchemy is a mysterious word that means many things to many people. It can mean magic, it can mean transmutation, it can mean religion, and it can mean skill working with the unseen powers and forces of life. In its highest form I believe alchemy is an ancient science of the soul, one full of mystery, mysticism, and astrological processes that ultimately result in a perfected being. This new moon in Scorpio will usher in a profound sequence of inner-alchemical learning, training, testing, and reward. If you are a conscious alchemist be prepared to enter sacred grounds where purity, humility, and sincere soul effort mean everything. Rise to all occasions set before you as the months pass and wield new power with great responsibility. Heal and empower wherever you can, especially by knowledge and deed. Look to the solstice and the days thereof to receive the divine strategies of 2016.

Ascension Keys

In the spirit of selfless service, and with the desire to improve all of your lives, I submit the following ascension keys to help you navigate this new moon in Scorpio:

  • close debts to open doors, start with the smallest ones

  • exchange and share resources to develop mutual power

  • maintain trust always, where it is lost so is power

  • strive to perceive what is hidden and unspoken

  • speak with silence and learn through silence

  • when wealth comes allocate it wisely

  • sell the old to acquire the new

  • purge profanities from your language, they block blessings

  • mind the interest and the times of payment

  • share what you inherit, generosity is measured and rewarded

  • if you are not repaid and you are just God will repay you instead, be peaceful

  • do the paperwork that will help you gain more power

  • donate non-essential goods to the needy and the desperate

  • share wealth to save life and end pain

  • share resources to help others heal and create stability in their lives

  • pray for purification that you may receive what you seek

  • honor new oaths that find you in secret

  • be stealthy when you should, some gains are not welcomed by others

  • vouch and endorse to help a good man or woman succeed

  • and if love is absent, have no sex


A cosmic season not to fear, secrets come to spice your ear. I’ve done my best to make it clear, I love my work so much I tear. I’m soon to start my thirty-third, a magic year or so I’ve heard. I’m no freemason, that’s absurd. I’ll never join them, that’s my word. I found my clique in Heaven’s stars, far beyond the path of Mars. I’m healing up from Pluto’s scars, I tend to favor Tesla’s cars. Newton was an alchemist, but no one knows it, what a twist. When Venus shines our lives are kissed, and Queen Diana, my she’s missed.

Cosmic cycles everywhere, they mean so much we all should care. I seek the wisdom and I share, through these lines my heart is bare. Olympic patrons on my side, ‘cause my soul is true and tried. To tell the truth this year I died, an astral death, I must confide. Born again thanks to His glory, my life is one big phoenix story. Hades loves to keep it gory, all the best to my friend Corey.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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