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Virgo Solar Eclipse: The Virgin's Light

The celestial virgin will begin to shine her healing light upon our planet with the upcoming solar eclipse at 20° Virgo! A mega-cycle for health and service revolution will begin as the eclipse energy beams into Uranus and the asteroid known as “Chiron” which is famed in astrology for its great healing influence. The cosmos conspires to rid us of disease, toil, false science, and dysfunctional systems of governance. This eclipse will accelerate the global health revolution that Jupiter’s entry into Virgo has heralded. Nature, science, and knowledge will soon empower us as never before. Prepare to welcome the virgin’s light!

I predict the following themes and experiences to manifest in our lives over the next six months:

  • positive transformations in health, service, profession, and income

  • skills enhancement through retraining, mentorship, and spiritual inspiration

  • the mysterious entrance of twin healers, servants, and healing substances

  • the flourishing of multi-person work projects with emphasis on technology

  • nutritional enlightenment that inspires positive dietary changes

  • the metaphysical enhancement of cognitive ability and performance

  • the expansion of local work and service related opportunities and networks

  • the exposure of false healers, spiritual guides, and service providers

  • scientific breakthroughs focused upon mental health and healing

  • great increases in productivity, efficiency, performance, and accuracy

  • great social gravitation toward herbalism, meditation, and natural therapies

  • unexpected realignment into spiritually-charged paths of service

  • the commencement of desperately needed nutritional repletion therapies

  • the critical measurement of the words and positions of elected officials

  • fortunate connection with local employers and service providers

  • the rapid development of life and work skills in children and young adults

  • the profitable expansion of service through new use of technology

  • the spiritually beneficial evolution beyond interpersonal criticism

  • increased awareness and activism focused on animal suffering

  • the integration of positive new health practices into our daily regimens

Mind Sync

This eclipse occurs in one of the mental degrees of Virgo so its energy will be sensed quite prominently in and between our minds, even to telepathic extents. The cosmos will stimulate us to use our minds in new and higher ways that will naturally translate into greater performance, productivity, and spiritual illumination. Our minds will also be synchronized with one another so that our ability to work in pairs or teams is divinely enhanced. It will be wise to create, accept, and explore new forms of service, science, and artistry that rely more on mental skill and aptitude as this will allow for the virgin’s light to manifest maximally within our working lives. Two minds are better than one and will soon be working as one…

Ascension Service

Within the context of the tribulation unfolding on Earth this energy comes to help us coordinate, collaborate, and succeed with the great labors that the times have set before us. The eclipse energy comes against all idle hands and untapped minds so that all people transition into ideal forms of service that resonate with pressing social needs, their spiritual rank, and their worldly ambitions. The Virgo solar eclipse marks a great time to elevate or transform your path of service in accordance with irresistible thoughts, irrefutable evidence, wise counsel, and mystical inspiration. The ascension path is sweetest when you’re doing the work God wills.

Workplace Shuffle

If our workplace were a deck of cards this eclipse will do the shuffling. This means that we can expect positive, high-frequency changes within our working lives. This will mean new employment, new coworkers, new managers, new clients, new service responsibilities, new training partners or requirements, new workplace locations, new wages, new professional potential, and new recognition. Through the Virgo flux just remember that it’s a wonderful cosmic time to evolve your path of service. Be diligent in developing necessary skills and subject matter knowledge that will help you offer more to the world. All livelihoods are blessed by the virgin’s light.

Service Mastery

For those who have found their sacred work this is a time when the cosmos will propel you, through a magically synchronistic series of experiences, into new heights of service mastery. Expect your skills, knowledge, techniques, and successes to become greater than ever before. As they are be clear of this divine expectation: That we all use our sharpened gifts for the greatest good of all people. This is especially true for the healers who read these words as the world is in desperate need of your sacred service. Open with trust and confidence to the new professional trajectories that present themselves before you. God will be mingling you with extremely high quality people and supports so that your work can flourish for the benefit of the most. Recognize the divine connections that will enter, give glory to God for them, and do your greatest work together in harmony.

Child Healing

The spiritual war has taken a great toll on the health of the world’s children. The statistics for child diseases have never been greater but God has remedies for this. The causes for childhood diseases, especially from a neurological context, will begin to be known throughout the world as clearly as the sun in a cloudless sky. Undeniable biomedical confirmations and statistical correlations will empower citizens to unite internationally against the corporate sources of toxicity and disease. As new health knowledge circulates the mediascape be quick to adapt your purchasing habits, your health practices, and your social activism to expose the sources of disease and to raise awareness to the cures. The children will get the best of this cycle.

Divine Measurements

In Virgo all things are measured, tested, and experimented with. We’re entering a cosmic cycle where honest measurement, rigorous testing, and logical experimentation will serve our collective interests greatly. It’s time that we all become more scientific in our ways because with Jupiter in Virgo, and with this new eclipse cycle, science can save the day. The universe will be calling our minds to measure the finest details of health, nutrition, fitness, engineering, performance, and spiritual practices. It is time to fine-tune our lives with all forms of divine measurement so that our futures are optimized to the highest possible extents. The numbers will be gleaming with divine insights and be sure to mind the mysterious pairs, parallels, and formulas that God leads us to see.

Zeus Activations

In astrology there is a certain Apollo asteroid that symbolizes the ultra-benefic influence of the deity known as “Zeus.” Those who were born between the years of 1980 and 1984 will find their Zeus positioned between 18° and 22° Virgo meaning that the upcoming eclipse will serve as a powerful awakening to their Zeus energy and potential. I interpret this to mean that dormant healers will be brought into total awareness, that energetic activations will occur in certain healers to enable supernatural healing abilities that lay dormant in their genetic codes, and that powerful, life-transforming relationships with healers, scientists, and counselors will be formed and developed. If you were born between these years be conscious that this eclipse will “light up” your Zeus…

Eclipse Contra Chiron

The solar eclipse at 20° Virgo will occur in precise opposition to the asteroid Chiron which is retrograde at 19° Pisces. In astrology oppositions synchronize with catalytic events that can resurrect dire circumstances through sudden injections of relief energy. To me this alignment is symbolic of divine empowerment against ongoing medical tragedies that have dampened the quality of life for millions of souls on our planet. During this eclipse cycle we will be enjoying long awaited medical breakthroughs that evolve tragedies and medical stalemates into genuine, progressive courses of recovery. Because of the degrees involved mental health, child nutrition, and the charitable distribution of services and resources will become prominent themes. This eclipse will bring grace to the “least of them” and to those who suffer in seclusion from the world. No one is forgotten in Heaven.

Uranian Surprises

The most powerful aspect that this eclipse will make to another planet in our system is the one it will make to Uranus which is currently retrograde at 19° Aries. The synthesis of these two dissimilar energies will be exotic, powerful, multidimensional, and purifying in effect. Mass energy healings will be occurring throughout the world to rid and protect people from disease causing influences. One might consider it a mass exorcism that results in healing and optimized health. Energetic diseases have been extremely abundant because of Saturn’s transit of Scorpio. This alignment presents itself as a universal remedy to treat those who still suffer from astral ailments of which I am quite familiar. The energy of Uranus mixed with the virgin’s light will be profoundly purifying for the world. Live in accordance with it.

Golden Projects

By the influence of Jupiter at 7° Virgo during this eclipse the cosmos speaks that great fortunes can be seeded and harvested through divinely orchestrated development projects, healing projects, artistic projects, agricultural projects, scientific projects, humanitarian relief projects, telecommunications projects, elite master/apprentice relationships, elite contracts, elite internships, VIP service exchanges, and lucrative brand endorsements. These potentials can be accessed by all but the sweetest successes will be enjoyed by those of the highest vibration and intention. The projects that serve the needs of mankind most effectively will enjoy extraordinary returns as Heaven will conspire to support their success.

Knowledge Counsel

A great portion of the eclipse treasure will be filtering into our lives in the form of knowledge-based counsel. This knowledge counsel will be coming from valuable human sources as well as benevolent spiritual sources. At times the many beautiful life forms in nature will speak to us as this is also a cycle of expanded plant and animal communication. Be sure to keep your minds wide open, beyond the bounds of rigid skepticism, to good and extraordinary advice that finds you through trustworthy servants and partners over the next six moons. Wise counsel has been treasured by kings, queens, and elites for centuries. Enjoy and prosper from the fair share that comes your way.

The Virgin’s Light

Ancient legends tell of the eventual return of a certain goddess named Astrea who was revered as a deity of innocence and purity and credited for the cultural renewal that took place during the European Renaissance. According to myths Astrea once dwelled on Earth among mortals but when humanity became too wicked she ascended into the constellation of Virgo. With great confidence I interpret this solar eclipse in Virgo as a sign for Astrea’s return which will be overwhelmingly mental and telepathic in nature, at least for a time. As minds are purified lives and labors will also be purified. The virgin’s light will be entering our minds to inspire enlightened ways of living. Although there is turmoil on Earth have faith in future renaissance.

Twenty Pearls

I would like nothing more than for all of you to enjoy the greatest success, both earthly and spiritual, during this eclipse cycle. I have prayed sincerely to God for twenty pearls of wisdom to share that will benefit all of us through this new Virgo season, as follows:

  • mind the details with great diligence and responsibility

  • work well with the good people that find you in the future

  • be humble with high successes that are rewarded for years of effort

  • follow the synchronicities that revolve around the number two

  • purge criticism from your mind which harms the other

  • be excellent in the humble things to be promoted in the future

  • be proactive about negative health issues that linger

  • turn to Mother Nature first and foremost for genuine healing

  • make your days as efficient and productive as possible

  • learn to keep pace with positive new work frequency

  • pray in pairs or groups to clear any obstacle

  • ensure the proper intake of essential nutrition

  • abstain from things which are harmful to your health

  • do not eat anything that has been sprayed with pesticides

  • do not eat genetically modified foods

  • be consistent and scientific with all health and fitness goals

  • master the art of multitasking

  • do not be afraid to transform the way you earn a living; now is a good time

  • remember that purity and ascension go hand in hand

  • heal as much as you can while remembering that words can heal as well


It's so true that wisdom pays, an alchemist can twist the rays. I'll write along and rhyme for days, I'll teach you all the mystic ways. The spirits love me more than not, the Lord told me to keep it hot. When stars line up I take my shot, my future sight shows me the plot. Babylon has hell to pay, I do my best to show the way. Eclipses come it's time to play, there's two this month for souls to sway.

Virgo magic in the sky, I will never write a lie. Through the stars I've learned to spy, I take my aim at evil's eye. I'm wiser than my stated years, God has helped me slay my fears. I love my pair of psychic ears, I hear the things that no one hears. Be about the cosmic treasure, then you'll taste of Heaven's pleasure. Angels love but souls they measure, Zeus' power shines in censure.

Stars are seeds and mine are planted, sacred herbs keep some eyes slanted. Magic words have long been chanted, poet stars have long been granted. Sacred service is my focus, here you'll find no hocus pocus. My crown is in a cosmic locus, love and light to those who chose us.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes misfortune...

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