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New Moon In Cancer: Cosmic Security

A long awaited cycle of family healing and prosperity begins in a few short hours with our next new moon in Cancer! Unprecedented forms and levels of security will be manifesting over the next six months to transform sensitive and secluded weaknesses into platforms of strength and promise. Nexus points of sustenance will burst into life as the cosmos revitalizes us all at the very roots of our mortal existence. Blessings are soon to rain upon all who have prayed for security!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest until the full moon in Cancer on December 25th:

  • the elimination of family disease and unemployment

  • every form and kind of domestic repair and remodeling

  • precious endings to homelessness and hunger

  • proper diagnosis and treatment of lingering physical pain

  • spiritually inspired increases in family productivity

  • transitions of authority between family females

  • co-creative project success with figures from the past

  • paradigm shifts with pre and post natal medical care

  • family-wide adoptions of enlightened health practices

  • the emergence of new female business leaders

  • the commercial success of conscious businesses

  • divinely ordained migrations and mixtures of families

  • the pooling of resources to create new businesses

  • unprecedented scientific advancements in marine biology

  • brilliant scientific solutions to water-oriented crisis

  • the divine blessing of righteous doulas

  • new health and fitness cycles for women and families

  • the purification and energetic enhancement of all living spaces

  • the securing of borders, boundaries, properties, and assets

  • and the rapid evolution of human DNA and genetic science

Unexpected Security Increases

We all have security related surprises in store now that this new moon has come to shore! The first of a long series of them will manifest between the days of July 19th and July 22nd as the Sun and Mercury will both be making conjunction to Vulcanus at 28° Cancer. Vulcanus, the "trans-neptunian object", represents paradigm shifting security pathways, collective efforts, and strokes of genius that can radically improve our timelines into the future. Be vigilant of what transpires on these days to catch the first major waves of this new moon cycle.

Starseeds Sprouting

There is a supernatural way in which we are being secured here on Earth and it has to do with the planting and growth of new stars above our lives and nations. This is an abstract concept to entertain but the premise is simple: God can set new stars on lives and nations to create new law, order, and security on Earth. This process has been happening in stealth for many months now and during this lunar cycle we will be seeing these starseeds sprouting on personal, national, and global levels to our great joy and relief. The miraculous growth that comes will be cosmic in origin...

Fertility Season

Since ancient times humans have used astrology as a tool to determine the best times for any given activity, to include pregnancy. With joy I state that the supreme fertility cycle within the lunar calendar has just begun. Of all the new moons the new moon in Cancer is the most supportive of successful pregnancy and delivery. But this new moon is especially powerful because the 23rd degree of Cancer encompasses everything a mother could need, from nutrition to work relief to medical services, to successfully deliver a child. If you desire children have confidence that the universe now supports your divine success.

Ascended Environments

Science has begun to prove that our living environments have a profound effect on our genetic health. As this lunar wave crests it is most wise for us to purify, repair, and enhance our living spaces as best as possible. Our efforts will be blessed as the days pass but start the cycle with these goals in mind as energy always follows thought. The better we feel environmentally the more creative we can be. Prepare for the new moon in Leo of August 14th now, ahead of time, so that you can develop and express maximum creative power later this year. The creative inspiration will be extreme in August so prepare your domestic work spaces now so that you harness the Leo fire without skipping a beat.

Families Optimized

There is no labor like family labor. Raising a family and keeping a home with Pluto in Capricorn has become a feat fit for Hercules himself. I have good news for all families who have struggled with seemingly endless amounts of work and upkeep: The energy and momentum of this new moon will help you to transcend dysfunctional domestic patterns in favor of optimized routines, scientific methods, and increased performance levels from all family members. Expect new skills, maturity, and efficiency to develop within your homes along with an influx of valuable tools and life-nourishing resources. Conscious families who work and pray together will soon have much to gain!

Feminine Healing & Empowerment

By now we all know that Cancer carries the female essence that gives birth to all human life. But when our mothers are weakened our futures are weakened through lack of reproductive power, child nurturance, and family cohesion. Birthrates are down across the world and women struggle with unprecedented rates of disease, poverty, and workplace discrimination. The divinity of this new moon will be focused on the empowerment of women in terms of health, law, science, employment, civil rights, equal opportunity, and the transcendence of rigid cultural biases.

As we move consciously into this new cycle we can accelerate our own ascension by serving the desperate needs of women within our spheres of influence. This means different things for different people but the guidance is common: Protect them from harm, enable their livelihoods, relieve them of oppressive labors, help them to heal from trauma, grant them the tools and opportunities they need to thrive, champion their causes when they need advocates, shelter them from evils, and work with them in mutually beneficial ways. Divine currents will soon enter our world through our women and their works. Observe and see the cosmos at play.

Business Reboots

Now in astrology businesses belong to Cancer and corporations belong to Capricorn. This new moon will refresh and activate both ends of this industrious spectrum resulting in new economic growth and employment opportunity. This cycle presages the entrance of Jupiter into Virgo on August 11th, a transit which will see the end to a great abundance of work and career related sorrows. Be wise by focusing on skills development and service expansion as they are true pathways of security increase and professional success. Refresh your businesses and professional strategies in harmony with new inspiration that flows into your mind. And give a close ear to women as they will soon be giving birth to genius ideas...

Food & Genetics

You are what you eat. We've all heard that haven't we? Well, it's true, and this new moon cycle will be bringing powerful new science to the forefront of our cultural attention. The 23rd degree of Cancer is where families, foods, natural medicines, and genetics blend together. Through our dietary choices and health practices we either degrade or improve upon our genetic codes, the same codes which are then passed down to our offspring within one short generation. Let this new moon remind us that we are the masters of our genes and that a perfect time has come to purify our health practices for the sake of our families and our collective future. Seek the things which bless your genes to live in alignment.

Practical Pearls

From my heart I want you all to prosper as much as possible throughout this lunar cycle so I've created a series of "practical pearls" to help you understand what is wise to be doing, as follows:

  • ensure that your family drinks purified water

  • ensure that essential nutrition is met for all family members

  • work with the past as it returns fortunately to you

  • transition into organic foods and veganism as a family

  • invest in property enhancements and sacred healing spaces

  • make plans to move if your environment is toxic to you

  • pool resources and work together toward common security

  • find productive ways to work from home or within homes

  • finish all outstanding chores and domestic repairs

  • expand businesses in accordance with spiritual guidance

  • blend and cooperate with the good families that find you

  • keep genetic health freshly in mind, especially when eating

  • be mindful of higher potentials with new female coworkers

  • be attuned to emerging developments in stem cell science

  • give relief to overburdened mothers as you find them

  • protect and maintain sound emotional health

  • find new, more efficient ways to work within your home

  • listen to the good counsel of women and mothers

  • explore and adopt ancient health and healing practices

  • and train family members wherever they are weak

Looking Ahead

Although the world is deeply troubled there is always hope on the horizon. On August 11th Jupiter will enter Virgo to trigger a divine sequence of healing events all over the world. Then, in September, there are two powerful eclipses in order. The first occurs on September 13th and it will be a partial solar eclipse at 20° Virgo. The second occurs on September 28th and it will be the last of a quartet of prophetic "blood moons" at 4° Aries. Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius on September 18th breaking the active and painful opposition to the asteroid Admetos presently at 29° Taurus. So, the outlook is brilliant and it's important that you know this.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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