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New Moon In Capricorn: Gateway To The Gods

Tonight we find ourselves on a great astrological precipice as we are but hours away from our winter solstice and our new moon in Capricorn! Great upheaval, revelation, and transformation will soon cascade through the pinnacles of worldly power to destroy and defame all which is corrupt and oppressive to us. This epic cycle begins just days prior to the entrance of Saturn into Sagittarius, a transit which I sense is of biblical significance and which I believe will correspond with the international collapse of Illuminati political power.

Glory, wealth, and honor may now come to all who have lived in spiritual honor amidst the most challenging of conditions to prove that God is just to all who strive for His cause and sake. Exaltations are coming to lift the worthy into their divinely appointed stations and duties by the six month wake of this new moon in Capricorn. Prepare to assume higher roles and responsibilities that do justice to your own destiny and effort as has been observed and measured by God Most High. I welcome all to absorb the light which I channel into these next words that come…

I predict the following events and themes to manifest until the Full Moon in Capricorn of July 1st, 2015:

  • tremendous elevation of status, health, and quality of life

  • life changing brushes and dealings with power brokers

  • profound spiritual maturation and empowerment

  • divinely inspired career transformation

  • the assumption of honorable or prestigious roles and duties

  • the sudden accumulation of respect and dignity

  • the honoring of unsung heroes

  • the capitulation of enemies, competitors, and rivals

  • the building of new and necessary governmental systems

  • economic healing and industrial growth

  • private mystical encounters with legendary spirits, beings, and teachers

  • the benevolent reordering of family hierarchy

  • the complete and total reckoning of interpersonal debts and wrong doing

  • the emergence of gilded pathways of service and profession

  • the crystallization of individual legacy and spiritual destiny

  • record breaking achievements of every form, caliber, and flavor

  • powerful conscious business evolution

  • widespread professional promotion

  • the uncontested appointment of new spiritual authorities

  • the endowment of legendary spiritual abilities among the Elect

With great delight I declare that Uranus will prograde in Aries in sync with our winter solstice! This means that a profound extraterrestrial energy, which some know as an Olympic god, and which seeks to liberate mankind from all material oppression, will soon be at full working power according to cosmic law.

Know that the Uranus in Aries transit is symbolic of a quantum war that is being waged on behalf of humanity through the medium of spacetime against the forces of darkness on Earth. By Uranus we are endowed with quantum power and cosmic wealth which enables us to transcend limitation and realize our multidimensional natures.

Expect to see unprecedented transitions of power all throughout the world this winter as the new energies and cycles take hold. Great power vacuums and instability will be manifesting throughout the world power structures to pave the way for new leaders and authorities to rise into prominence. It is time for the conscious and the light born to step up in the world just as the dark ones begin to fall.

Be sure to seize every opportunity to take your work, profession, and livelihoods into higher dimensions as soon as opportunities present. For some this will require total professional realignment toward ends which serve the highest social needs. Know the season and be ready to assume new roles, duties, and identities as life directs.

In spiritual terms this lunar cycle will inspire tremendous character development. Rites of passage will be coming in wonderful waves that those who have paid their dues receive their just rewards. Be certain to ride every professional wave that presents itself which can carry you into the dream fulfillment promised by the next new moon in Aquarius.

This is a time to design and implement new life strategies that can secure a brighter, perhaps otherwise impossible future. Be thoughtful about time and how best to use your years before the eyes of God and amidst these exhilarating cosmic energies.

For the young souls who read this who know they are gifted and who know they are meant for high impact service on this world I say this: put away any distraction that keeps you from developing your abilities. Disconnect from shallow entrapments and think long and hard about the future you truly deserve. The gateways are opening for you to make the most powerful transitions of your young lives.

Do not be wasteful with your precious time as our enemies hope for this. Now is the time to apply your creative energies in ways which will earn you new respect, recognition, and upward mobility. Be sure to apply the experience of authorities that find you and capitalize upon opportunities that can fast track your social service and ascent.

Spiritual responsibilities which have been long neglected, especially within families, marriages, friendships, and other sacred relationships will now be forced into reckoning through emerging terms and life circumstances. There is no cheating God of the lessons He wills for our lives especially when karma or children are involved. It is wise to invest ourselves vigorously on any glaring inadequacy or shortcoming that has degraded our quality of life, our relationships, or which have destroyed divine, future-based potentials.

With Saturn entering Sagittarius in the coming days we must be totally honest with every aspect of our lives that we may become free from every spiritual bind connected to earthly negligence. There couldn’t be a better time or energy to help us succeed in these ways. Be confident in your ability to achieve, the universe is at your back!

Be certain to protect and develop your reputation as best as possible over the next six months to help manifest the highest potentials contained within this lunar cycle. Do everything to present your best self to the world, a signal to the universe that you are ready to assume a higher place in God’s kingdom. Be responsible with the advances and blessings ahead and avoid anything that would blemish your name or ruin your credibility.

Rewards will come to those who assume greater responsibilities honorably and who manifest higher levels of integrity, self-discipline, and tolerance for those who struggle in these and similar arenas. True alchemists are wise to focus on perfect spiritual conduct and rigorous self-reviews to accelerate the emergence of their diamond selves.

Legacy and legend both belong to Capricorn so expect great legacies and legends to mysteriously circulate the collective consciousness in the weeks ahead. Great learning and success can come from the emulation of extraordinary individuals whose lives forever changed the course of human history. Stand on the shoulders of the giants that return to the forefront of our culture and if you are so daring, build upon their legacies.

Many great souls who carried brilliant torches for humanity are waiting on new successors to rise up to their occasions to carry on divine blueprints that span many human lifespans. With Saturn soon to enter Sagittarius we will all have new mountains to climb. Don’t shy from them as some of the greatest spiritual treasures are safeguarded in the most intimidating of challenges.

The “Gateway to the Gods” is hidden in Capricorn as is the “Star of Zeus.” These portals will open with the passage of the Sun through Capricorn. As we transition from Capricorn into Aquarius, which is the realm of the Olympic gods, we will see more and more divine intervention on Earth. We are not destined for mortal lives and fates but rather for the immortal and infinite potentials held within our souls and within God’s kingdom.

Through righteousness and striving along our paths of ascension we can succeed in the great alchemical work of human apotheosis. The zodiac is in fact a mystical pathway into divinity if one lives wisely enough. Only the worthy will travel this far but this is a goal that is wished for all. You have my word that I will always do my best to show you the way.

May great successes fill your near future,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2014, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology

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