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Bomani Bracelet

Bomani Bracelet


This is a uniquely beautiful metaphysical bracelet designed by Mystic Amari out of high grade black spinel, ruby, emerald and gold fill beads. The name "Bomani" translates into "strong soldier" and "warrior" in the African and Egyptian language.


The energy of this bracelet helps one to feel strong, fearless, grounded, clear, resilient, resourceful, productive, honorable and strategically minded in action and deed. To us its energy speaks, "success in war" without fear, doubt, or regression in your personal agenda. 


Through the ruby and emerald especially, this bracelet will help to clear significant career blockages while helping to create honorable and successful transformations within your life. It is protective against black magic and demonic energy as well. 


The bracelet offers a wonderful shielding effect with an increase of inner strength and inspiration for strategic actions that need to be taken to create success, even during crisis times. The emerald attracts wealth and resources to help eliminate crisis, including those connected to scarcity, while enhancing regenerative ability. 


In depth explanations of ruby and emerald can be found on our ruby pages and our emerald bracelet page.  This bracelets speaks "mystic beauty" while offering classic and respected gemstones like ruby and emerald over exceptional black spinel. Also, it has a definite master vibe to it.


We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. To be clear, the price is $158.88 per bracelet. We show two bracelets simply to demonstrate a layered look. 


Much love,


Sal & Amari 

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    This bracelet is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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