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Faceted Emerald Stretch Bracelets 5mm

Faceted Emerald Stretch Bracelets 5mm


Emerald is one of the most valuable, respected and sought-after gemstones in the world. The greatest alchemical wisdom from the ancient world was inscribed on tablets of emerald and Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt, was said to have been fanatical about them. In ancient Egypt emeralds were thought to confer eternal youth, fertility, white magic and a divine rebirthing process and all while conveying the wealth, taste and status of their owner.  


For many years we’ve observed countless astrological synchronicities that confirm emerald as the true birthstone of Scorpio. Emerald will quicken a Scorpio’s development into their highest and most divine potential while helping them to manifest higher degrees of good fortune within their lives. Many Scorpios are disconnected from their true birthstone which is emerald.


As the master crystal of Scorpio, emerald offers powerful benefits for difficult situations connected to debt, disease, crime, sexual health, survival, entrapment, envy, mortal enemies, conspiracies, black magic, possession and vicious struggles for power and control. Emerald’s sacred energy will increase your protection while helping you to prevail against serious types of Scorpio-themed problems.


There is much more to emerald but for now just know that it will bring a divine dose of the positive Scorpio energy into your life. Emerald will help you to transform negative, fearsome conditions into positive, heavenly outcomes. We’ve used it ourselves for years and we know that emerald helps us to overcome pure evil and the absolute worst that can be experienced in the Scorpio domain.  


This is a beautiful, natural color faceted Colombian emerald bracelet sealed with a gold-fill bead. The 5mm faceted emeralds are strung along a durable stretch cord. It measures a standard 7” in circumference but can stretch to 7.25”. It sings with high frequency. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. If you’d like a special size made for your wrist just comment and Amari will create one to your specifications.


Wishing amazing emerald alchemy,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


“Sal & Amari”


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