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White Topaz Pendant

White Topaz Pendant

Since ancient times mystics have used precious stones and metals in certain combinations to create benevolent metaphysical effects. We carry on this ancient tradition through the offering of our “Saturn Shield” pendants which are hand crafted of Brazilian white topaz and gold fill wire. The result is a beautiful pendant which offers elemental protection, wealth, and transmutative power against the hostile influence of Saturn in Sagittarius, a transit which lasts until December of 2017.

The transit of Saturn is known as one of great and prolonged adversity. Saturnine experiences correspond with forms of strife, poverty, pain, sorrow, injustice, severity, oppression, austerity, crime, disease, immorality, lawlessness, ruin, abuse, crisis, and death. Through this transit we learn profound lessons that develop the soul in “trial by fire” fashion. The question is, would you like powerful energetic support to navigate these experiences with higher degrees of success?

White topaz, in our experience, is the supreme topaz because it contains all of the frequencies within the visible color spectrum. It is a fire element crystal and one of the most powerful Sagittarian gemstones. When paired with gold, the alchemical royal metal, one benefits from an energy akin to a golden fire which offers a perfect antidote to the toxic energy of Saturn in Sagittarius, hence the name “Saturn Shield.” We have observed these effects to be true and potent within our own lives. Crisis dissolves and doors open to the ones with the right energies. 

If you are struggling against Saturn in Sagittarius or if you are looking for an energetic edge that will help you prosper through 2017 then this is for you. Sizes vary from 1” to 2” by length and width. We ship worldwide with additional shipping fees for international orders. Tilt the fire in your favor and brighten your path with our Saturn Shield pendants! Saturn needn’t be painful with nature and wisdom as your allies...
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