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Vanadinite Crystal Cluster A+++

Vanadinite Crystal Cluster A+++


Hailing from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Capricorn-resonant Vanadinite is a rare and beautifully-impressive reddish-orange crystal that is increasingly sought after among gem collectors. Metaphysically speaking, Vanadinite’s energy raises a Herculean work ethic within its owner that powers one to accomplish great deeds, labors and legacy-connected projects with vigor and excellence.


Vanadinite’s energy stimulates a valuable honing of one’s skillsets while raising extraordinary levels of diligence and work-related discipline. It inspires us to keep ‘on task’ and ‘on target’ with priority work while grounding higher-dimensional spiritual guidance into our most practical physical labors and efforts. For those who have great labors to achieve, Vanadinite offers the energetic muscle to plough through into achievement and distinguished success.


Vanadinite is a very vital crystal. When held, worn or kept close by it helps us to feel physically energized and motivated to achieve and accomplish, even when starting something big from scratch. We sense four distinct astrological energies on Vanadinite in the following order: Capricorn, Virgo, Aries and Sagittarius. Working with Vanadinite boosts our energy field with these types of earth and fire – and that’s where the big push forward comes from.


Vanadinite is great to keep in workspaces as it will inspire peak productivity, endurance, morale and a laser-like ‘mission mentality’ for getting important work done. On the ‘above/below’ alchemy level, Vanadinite anchors in cosmic light that supports the success and full fruition of work-related projects. It attracts perfect workmates and it harmonizes extremely well with garnet and ruby for increased prosperity and honor through labors of livelihood.


In the international crystal community Vanadinite is believed to offer strong benefits to writers. With pleasure I can confirm that this is true as Vanadinite has the uncanny ability to speed the transition between mental literary formulation and high-quality, grounded-out, well-structured literary production. For this reason, we endorse and recommend Vanadinite for writers, educators, students, lawyers and anyone else whose work is closely tied to a pen.


There’s a notable spirit of truth that projects out from Vanadinite. In its own magical way it inspires refreshing levels of honesty and integrity within work, writing and deeds. These precious qualities are direly needed in our modern world that has become so plagued by Plutonian corruption at the corporate and governmental levels especially. Vanadinite can have a saving-grace effect on people whose working life is struggling from lack of truth and integrity.


Through Vanadinite’s work-enriching alchemy you’ll feel an impressive new mentality of organization, strategy and dedication fusing into your work. Vanadinite will spark up a stride for work, taking someone from zero to sixty with a potent Martian momentum. Vanadinite will get you in a groove for work in an amazing way, inspiring you to see it through – and you most definitely will. New confidence comes with Vanadinite so we also think that it’s a great crystal energy for entrepreneurs who need that boost to make major breakthroughs.


What Amari and I find especially remarkable about Vanadinite is its adaptive intelligence. Beyond the virtues that we’ve just detailed, Vanadinite has a very smart, chameleon-like energy that apparently knows which skillsets to enhance according to the person who is working with it. Here’s an example of how it works: a writer gets a boost to their writing skill, a technician gets a boost to their diagnostic skill and a designer gets a boost to their creative skill. Regardless of your specific work, Vanadinite has a major upgrade in store for you, of this we are absolutely sure.


This is a natural, high-quality, richly-colored Vanadinite crystal that is among the ‘creme of the crop’ from the last mining year. It is perfect to enhance the energy of your workspace or to use in your crystal-enhanced meditations which we highly recommend. Having thoroughly experienced Vanadinite’s energy, we will always keep fine specimens in our workspace. Also wonderful for display and for a tasteful expansion of your crystal collection. As the years pass its value will only higher.  


Bringing you the best of the Mineral Kingdom in joy,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


“Sal and Amari”


© 2022-2050. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who plagiarizes our metaphysical description of Vanadinite. If you see it happening report it to us for a swift reward.

  • Return Policy

    This crystal is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

  • Delicacy

    Vanadinite is a 4 on the Moh's scale, handle with care to avoid damage to the crystals. 

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