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Uranian Astrology Reading

Uranian Astrology Reading


Uranian astrology is the new frontier of astrology, I offer this service to anyone who would like my personal, professional, hyper-intuitive interpretation of their Uranian astrology placements which take astrological vision and understanding far beyond the scope of traditional western horoscopes.


Through this service I will translate the highest meanings, potentials and roles of your Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Eros, Hercules, Vulcan, Hades, Kronos and Pleroma so that you gain a rich understanding of their relational impact on your inner and outer world. The insight gained will be powerful. 


Should my client wish it and for an extra fee, I can also interpret the roles of Athena, Hera, Demeter, Vesta and Chiron to further reinforce your understanding of the gods, goddesses and their divine roles in your life, especially as they relate to peak development and highest purposes.


I've been practicing Uranian astrology publicly and professionally for many years, all of my clients have responded very, very well to my Uranian-enhanced readings. I continue to utilize Uranian astrology in my personal life to great effect, I think it's the big missing link that astrology needs right now. 


I look forward to working with you, I'm confident that you'll find this to be an exotically enlightening learning experience unlike any other that will have a wonderful, life-long impact on your experience and benefit from astrology. Check my reviews and if you have any questions just let me know.


With passion and integrity, 


Astrologer Salvador Russo 



  • Service Delivery Speed

    Delivered within 4 - 8 weeks depending upon client volume, an expedited service option is available. By booking this service you agree to the stated waiting period and terms. No refunds.

  • Service Delivery Style

    This service is delivered via secure email in Word document essay format along with the client's horoscope. An email follow up for post-service questions is available and on special occasions a phone or Skype call can be arranged. 

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