Royal Azel Pink

Royal Azel Pink


Sugilite is the supreme violet flame gemstone. Through its hybrid blend of enlightened Sagittarius and Pisces energies it fosters rapid alchemical progress and mystical development. It is one of the most spiritually protective gemstones that also offers genuine energetic access to the Akashic records. Its number is eleven and through resonance it will lift you into greater heights of spiritual mastery.


Sugilite works specifically on the crown and third eye chakras. Its energy is transcendent, extrasensory, illuminating, protective, and grounding all at once. Sugilite excels with karmic wisdom and mastery. It will help you to realize where karmic blockages exist so that you can transcend them in a state of higher spiritual awareness. The gnosis will flow in and you will understand what to do to ascend further.


Sugilite is a wonderful choice for those who struggle with self-defeating patterns as its energy grooms one to conquer their own self-defeat. Sugilite is also excellent for those who sense that they are suffering from spiritual attack, especially those that come at night. Young mystics with genuine gifts can benefit greatly by cloaking themselves with Sugilite’s energy as they develop their spiritual powers.


Suglite’s energy feels like a wise, benevolent, magical, egoless mentor that guides you lovingly through stick points in your personal alchemy. It has been one of the most beneficial gemstones in our own spiritual development so we feel compelled to offer it to you. Sugilite is also a gemstone of initiation for those who feel ready to enter the divine mysteries where karma and spiritual light mean everything.


Sugilite is a perfect gemstone for those who work in intuitive professions. It will sharpen your skill and increase your value while protecting you from the shadows of others. In terms of astrology, Sugilite is superb for those who have an afflicted Neptune, retrograde Pisces, retrograde Sagittarius, a ninth house Saturn, or a ninth house Pluto. Sugilite also offers inner healing from toxic religious experiences.


False spiritual guidance runs rampant these days but Sugilite offers a precious remedy: it filters out astral plane sabotage and interference so that true spiritual guidance can be received purely and pricelessly. Sugilite inspires one into the virtuous living that opens one to every kind of divine blessing. Its energy can even feel saintly, priestly, and angelic. Sugilite will have you walking your divine talk.


On a final and most important point Sugilite resonates with pure esoteric wisdom. Part of its magic is that it instills the esoteric wisdom that is most beneficial to your life path. Sugilite is sacred to Raziel, the holy angel of the divine mysteries. Sugilite is a wise choice for even the most advanced spiritualist. It is a gemstone of esoteric discovery that will lead you into magical territory that you never dreamed existed.


This stunningly beautiful pendant was created from natural African Sugilite and sterling silver. It measures approximately 1.5" long by 0.5" wide. 


With passion and integrity,


Sal & Amari


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