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Shungite Shamballa Bracelet 10mm

Shungite Shamballa Bracelet 10mm


Shungite is an ancient, Precambrian, carbon-based healing stone that is believed to have come to Earth through a meteor strike in the Karelia region of Russia. For centuries it has been used as a tool of healing and purification, even by the likes of Peter the Great who used it as a water purifier for his soldiers. Amari and I have always sensed a distinct extraterrestrial energy on Shungite and we know it as a master detoxifier with tremendous healing potential.


Scientific studies on Shungite are ongoing but many have already proven that it has valuable antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-EMF properties in addition to its water purification abilities. Shungite has great value in our modern world because of the rampant pollution and toxicity that we find in our environment, especially in terms of water and electromagnetic radiation. Shungite is an ancient answer to the modern toxicity that we face as a civilization in transition.


We feel compelled to offer high quality Shungite this year because of the aggressive rollout of 5G networks and devices. We think that Shungite will offer definite protection against the harmful, potentially cancer-causing frequencies that 5G technologies will emit. We sense that Shungite is a neutralizer against these types of energies and a healer of the body for those who have been overly exposed. Shungite is our top recommendation for EMF/5G healing and protection.


On a more mystical level, we sense a mixture of Scorpio and Aquarius energies on Shungite. This combination of astrological energies expresses prominently through its water purification and radiation neutralizing effects. But more than this, we sense that Shungite can cleanse and heal on the atomic and light-body levels. We sense that it can increase the purity and coherence within the water in our bodies so that we are much more resilient to disease. To us, Shungite is a powerful anti-disease crystal.


There is something found in Shungite that isn’t found in any other crystal or mineral on Earth. By this we are referring to the ‘fullerenes’ which are an extremely unique type of carbon molecule that is believed to be the source of Shungite’s extraordinary powers. These fullerenes are the subject of great scientific research and development. The scientists who discovered fullerenes went on to win a Nobel Prize, their findings were that riveting and impactful.


In addition to being present in Shungite, fullerenes have also been found in several meteor crash sites around the world to the extent that scientists have concluded that they must be of extraterrestrial origin. Our original intuitive impression of the extraterrestrial origin of Shungite is highly supported by mainstream scientific opinion. We believe that Shungite connects us to an extraterrestrial type of healing energy. Shungite is one of the most valuable alchemical substances on Earth.


This is a stylish, highly durable, adjustable lengthy Shungite bracelet. Great for everday wear, easy to match with your fashion, and especially beneficial if you're exposed to EMFs on a regular basis. Sleep with it on and regenerate more quickly.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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