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Multi-Color Ruby/Sapphire Combo Bracelet 4mm

Multi-Color Ruby/Sapphire Combo Bracelet 4mm


We are pleased to offer these beautiful, micro-faceted, multi-color ruby/sapphire combo bracelets for those who would like to benefit from these Biblically-honored gemstones. Here are the benefits of working with ruby and sapphire in combination:


  • divinely aligns career path


  • accelerates higher levels of career success


  • divine character development; integrity, maturity, honor


  • fortunes with time, timing, time management


  • increases reputation, credibility, public name


  • empowers manifestation ability


  • enhances discipline, self-control, mental focus


  • raises endurance, determination, resolve


  • inspires divine success strategies, time strategies


  • aids with financial stability in chaotic times


  • empowers success in the cyber domain


  • elevates and expands consciousness of astrology


  • stimulates mental lucidity, genius, altruism


  • perfect for ‘builder of the future’ life paths


  • raises valuable future senses and instincts


  • empowers those on divine missions for humanity


  • reduces impact of Pluto in Aquarius misfortunes


  • supports mastery of profession, peak earnings


  • great for network builders, team and community leaders


  • inspires divine and fortunate use of time


  • gems of ‘titanic strength, position and influence’


This stunning bracelet was created by Mystic Amari out of top-quality ruby and sapphire faceted spheres, durable stretch cord and a gold fill bead. Wearing it will keep you constantly exposed to its energy benefits. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance, visit our ‘crystals reviews’ page for real world client feedback on our gems and crystals. Your investment in this bracelet will be returned tremendously over time.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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    This bracelet is being sold in great condition. All sales are final.

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