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Ruby Micro Faceted Waterfall Bracelet A+(4mm)

Ruby Micro Faceted Waterfall Bracelet A+(4mm)


This is a beautiful, micro faceted, A+ quality ruby bracelet. It features hand cut, natural colored rubies at a consistent 4mm bead size. The adjustable clasp is sterling silver and the beads have been cut with great precision.


Ruby is a Biblical gemstone that offers great benefits on the Capricorn level. This means divine career alignment, divinely inspired strategies, elevated career success, a strengthening of reputation, rank and status, wealth increases accessed through social climbing experiences and much more. If you want a big boost on the career, wealth and rep levels ruby is for you!


Access the fortunes of Capricorn with this beautiful bracelet, a wise choice for anyone with key astrological placements in Capricorn.


Much love,


Sal & Amari

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