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Purple & Blue Kunzite Crystal Pendant

Purple & Blue Kunzite Crystal Pendant


Kunzite is a beautiful, precious and famous heart healing crystal that is relatively new to the gem world. It was named in honor of George Kunz who was the chief minerologist at Tiffany & Co. back in 1902. At that time Mr. Kunz did important analytical work that confirmed kunzite as a new prized mineral. Kunzite comes in luscious hues of pink, purple, blue, green and gold. Pink is the most common shade, purple is more rare, blue is even more rare, green is very rare and gold is extremely rare.


On the sensory level kunzite feels sweet, peaceful, calming, clarifying and divinely energizing. It has a distinct anti-anxiety effect which is due to its 8% lithium content. Kunzite has a very unique ‘monoclinic’ crystal structure which makes it look linear, blade like and super optical. Kunzite actually reminds me of fiber optic cables and when we sense them, they literally feel ‘high bandwidth’ in terms of light and energy transmission. Kunzite also feels protective as if a new cloak of spiritual light is upon us.


One of kunzite’s most valuable gifts is the way that it heals and spiritually activates the heart while syncing it to a clarified and newly awakened mind. On the mental level kunzite feels crisp, clean, pure, focused, intellectually bright and wonderfully inviting of higher dimensional knowledge and guidance. Kunzite empowers us to live with a healthy and brilliant heart that works in divine balance with an equally healthy and brilliant mind. It turns on these inner keys of success that enable us to fly.


Kunzite offers a valuable discernment raising quality that helps us to pierce and conquer deceptions that are active in our lives, especially on the romantic, relationship, domestic and business levels. This quality of kunzite will prove to be especially valuable during Saturn’s transit of illusory Pisces which will last from March of 2023 until February of 2026. We sense a ‘spell breaking’ effect on kunzite as well, on the mental and emotional levels especially, which empowers people to overcome dark lies and love spells. 


We sense that kunzite works exceptionally well on the electrical dimension of human health which concentrates upon our heart, mind and nervous system. We highly recommend kunzite for people who seek a healing boost and optimal performance on these levels. On a spiritual and consciousness level kunzite feels very compassionate as if it longs for our healing and evolution as a species. There’s a gentle, forgiving, selfless feel to kunzite that will melt away shame, guilt and lower feelings of self while it propels us forward in our healing spiritual evolution.  


With so much damage to hearts and minds in these troubled times we see kunzite as a premier healing crystal that can help people to rebound dramatically while recovering the best of themselves. If our hearts or minds are dulled or damaged our ascension process can be stalled. Kunzite works precisely at this stick-point level to ensure that we receive the healing, light and upward momentum that we need. We are pleased to offer high quality kunzite in the pink, purple, blue and green color shades.


This pendant was created out of rare, high quality purple/blue kunzite and sterling silver. Wearing it will keep you constantly immersed in its energy benefits. As with any crystal kunzite has some special care instructions. Kunzite is known as an ‘evening crystal’ so keep it out of prolonged sun or heat exposure as this may fade its color. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


With brotherly and sisterly love,


 Sal & Amari


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