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Golden Twin Herkimer Diamond

Golden Twin Herkimer Diamond


Herkimer diamond is a crystal manifestation of God/Source light. It repels negative energy in a powerful way while advancing the final phase of spiritual alchemy within its owner, the phase of sublimation where one’s soul is made sublime. As a sublimation crystal Herkimer diamond offers a purification and spiritual refinement that no other crystal offers. It has a clear, peaceful, Zen feel to it along with a crisp and stable mental activation that makes one feel very God/Source connected.


Herkimer diamond is extremely visual. It will show you what you need to see in order to make rapid spiritual progress. It is a priceless developer of clairvoyant ability. It works powerfully through the crown, third eye, and heart chakras to the extent that you’ll feel your aura radiating new spiritual light. Amari senses that it gives visions of one’s true self while sharpening mental skills on the logical and intuitive levels. To her it is a soft yet powerful spiritual awakening crystal.


Herkimer diamond has a mystical correspondence to the Ophichus constellation and to the astrological mixture of Sagittarius and Scorpio energies. It offers healing, empowerment, and protection within the combined spectrum of Sagittarius and Scorpio energies. It is a crystal of divine revelation that can only come through a pure and powerful connection with God/Source. It emanates a sacred, evil-conquering frequency that will enable you to tame serpents within and without.


As far as starseeds are concerned, Herkimer diamond mixes extremely well with Moldavite. Through this crystal combination a clear awareness of soul purpose and starseed mission are gained along with the light enhancements that are needed to empower one’s mission fulfillment. Should someone wish to let their old life go to embrace their higher calling, Herkimer diamond and Moldavite make a perfect initiatory combination. Enter your odyssey by mixing these two.


Herkimer diamonds are also powerful amplifiers of the healing effects of other crystals, like, for example, Charoite. This is especially true in terms of spiritual healing, soul healing, and psychological healing. They are wonderful to wear during healing sessions, counseling sessions, or other situations where peak spiritual light is needed to deliver the highest performance. This is our number one crystal recommendation for anyone who in their “dark night of the soul.”


In terms of astrology, we sense that Herkimer diamonds have an especially protective effect against the ultra-malefic and sometimes deadly influence of Pluto. To us, Herkimer diamond is a Pluto-shield crystal that should be used during dark, painful, and extremely intense Pluto transits, aspects, or progressionary years. We also sense an angelic connection between Uriel and Herkimer diamond with Uriel serving as the angelic regent of the planet Pluto.


This particular specimen is absolutely stunning. It is full of beautiful rainbow inclusions which indicate an extraordinary angelic connection. It has a highly desireable golden hue with a rare dual crystal growth. It also has great clarity and exotic shape. The inner dimensions that it has are just mesmerizing. Energetically this is an ultra-high vibe Jupiter-class crystal. This would make a very impressive addition to any collection. This is crystal purity at its finest. Enjoy the alchemy that it brings into your life.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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