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Rainbow Fuchsia Kunzite Pendant

Rainbow Fuchsia Kunzite Pendant


Kunzite is a master heart healing crystal that resonates with divine love. Its energy makes people more gentle and much more loving while inspiring a Christ-like "live from the heart" momentum. Kunzite's energy is greatly supportive of physical and medical heart healing and for those who need to connect their heart to the deepest levels of God/Source. 


This pendant was created by Mystic Amari out of top grade fuchsia-colored Kunzite and sterling silver. It offers the most deseriable color of Kunzite, it has beautiful internal rainbows, super clarity, smart lines and a simple yet elegant silver wrapping. This pendant radiates a powerful yet gentle level of love, Kunzite of this quality is very hard to come by. 


We will tell more about Kunzite as time permits, just know that it is a super crystal for the heart in terms of healing and spiritual activation/connectivity with the divine. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. 


Much love,


Sal & Amari 

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    This pendant is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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