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If you'd like my personal, professional and hyper-intuitive forecast of your future my Portent service was created just for you. Applicable for up to one year of linear time, I will translate the most important transits, aspects, cycles and events so that you gain a razor-sharp sense of your astrological future. I will deliver my insights in a clear and enlightening way that focuses on your highest interests being served, especially within the context of rare and fortuitous times of opportunity as well as periods of extraordinary danger.


Upon request I can tailor this service to focus upon key areas of your life like health, wealth, career, business, relationships or any other priority matter. A year of linear time holds an abundance of astrological events so understand that I won't cover each event. Instead, I will focus on those that I intuitively determine to be of greatest value and importance to your goals, your path of ascension, and your overall success in life. The end result will be a golden script of your future so that you can master it as it comes.


I offer this service in two teir levels, one and two. At the tier one level I will cover the baseline most important events and themes to concentrate on in 1000+ highly condensed words. At the tier two level my work will be much more extensive and inclusive of events and themes that span beyond those of baseline importance in 2000 highly condensed words or more. I offer two tier levels to make this service more economically accessible. I assure each client at either tier level that you'll receive a great value and future return on your investment. 


With your highest interests at heart,


Astrologer Salvador Russo




New to my work? Read my rave reviews for perspective on my service quality. 

  • Delivery Speed

    Delivered within 3-6 weeks depending upon client volume, an expedited service option is available. By booking this service you agree to the stated waiting period and terms. No refunds.

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