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Nirvana Bracelet

Nirvana Bracelet


In this time of great tribulation and turmoil we present our new Nirvana bracelet for those who would like to experience inner peace, spiritual strength, enhanced durability and the precious release of negative thoughts and emotions. Crafted personally by Mystic Amari out of the highest-quality, heart-cut amethyst and diamond-cut black spinel our new Nirvana bracelet will have you feeling clear, grounded, balanced, fearless and full of spiritual light so that you can live your best life no matter what is happening on Earth.


Key benefits of our Nirvana bracelet:


  • loss of fear and anxiety


  • increased sense of inner peace


  • increased balance between above and below


  • increased sense of grounding, stability, resilience to stress


  • feeling of clarity, serenity & divine spiritual connection


  • empowerment to release negative things from one’s life


  • revitalization of endurance, stamina, strength to continue


  • enhances spiritual receptivity with the Divine


  • attracts wealth through the water element


  • enhances spiritual intuition and wise decision making


  • raises a strong shield against external negativity from others


  • helps to break addictions, remain sober


  • works to prevent self-harm, suicide, tragic events


  • restrines self sabotage 


  • instills a feeling of sacredness, a sacred presence


This bracelet also features gold accent beads and a durable yet flexible stretch cord. They measure 7” standard, if you’d like a custom sizing just let us know what your wrist size is in the comment section. This bracelet comes in two style options, the “alpha” version with one gold bead and the “gamma” version with four gold beads. Let us know which you’d like in the comments section.


The amethyst bead measures 8mm, the black spinel measures 5mm. We ship worldwide with tracking, insurance and a 99.99% delivery success rate.


With love and crystal support of your cosmic life path,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

  • Return Policy

    This bracelet is being sold in great condition. All sales are final.

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