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Faceted Rhodolite Garnet Bracelets

Faceted Rhodolite Garnet Bracelets


Garnet is a wealth attraction and wealth increasing crystal that resonates strongly with the Taurus constellation and elemental earth. Garnet’s energy helps one to manifest positive economic events that result in lesser expenses, greater values, financially favorable deals, profitable resource attraction and many other types of material blessings and positive financial outcomes. Garnet is an anti-poverty crystal that should be used by anyone who wants to add new strength and momentum to their economic life while increasing their overall quality of life.


Garnet was famously used by Childeric I, a great Merovingian King, who combined his garnet with gold, fashioning them together in the shape of bees which he carried on his person. This historical truth confirms that garnet’s benefits were known and respected at royal levels in times past. In terms of alchemy, garnet crystals can also act as anchors for higher dimensional Taurus energy to be bonded into our astrological path. They enhance feelings of self-worth while keeping us grounded, determined, productive and wise to the true values of things.


We think that investment in garnet is wise in our inflationary economic environment because the garnet will preserve and increase the value of your investment while attracting new wealth and financial fortunes into your life. Many of our garnet crystal clients have remarked how their garnets have returned their initial investment many, many, many times over. As truly as God made them for us they offer a win-win-win situation for anyone willing to try them.


This is a beautiful, faceted, naturally-colored rhodolite garnet bracelet. Wearing it will keep you in constant resonance with the energy-benefits of garnet. Although two bracelets are shown for depth in the image the price is $88.80 per bracelet. From an astrological perspective, garnets resonate with the active transit of Uranus in Taurus. These are especially lovely and increasingly rare in the crystal community because of supply-chain constraints.


Wishing you stability, growth, prosperity and the power to build against all odds,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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