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Multi Beryl Faceted Waterfall Bracelet A+++ (8-10mm)

Multi Beryl Faceted Waterfall Bracelet A+++ (8-10mm)


This is a stunning multi-beryl waterfall bracelet. It features three varieties hand cut of beryl in the white (goshenite), blue (aquamarine) and yellow (heliodore) color shades and all in top quality, brilliantly faceted form. This is a super special bracelet that we only have one of for the time being. The adjustable clasp is sterling silver and the beads have been cut with great precision.


This bracelet offers wonderful energetic enhancement on the levels of business, home and family, creativity, interpersonal justice, friendship, trust, peace and poise, cellular refreshment and life extension. As time permits we will offer a more in-depth understanding of its benefits but for now we think that this is a perfect bracelet for someone who wants to thrive on creative and/or business levels while attracting fortunes on the relationship and deal making levels.


There is only one in this size so if it speaks to you, claim it.


Much love,


Sal & Amari

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    This bracelet is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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