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Libyan Tektite Specimen

Libyan Tektite Specimen


With a rarity greater than diamond and a shroud of mysticism that extends back into ancient Egypt, this beautiful and exotic meteorite known as Libyan tektite resonates with the powers of the gods themselves. This is why it was worn in the royal breastplate of Pharaoh Tutankhamun who served, as all pharaohs did, as the divine intermediary between the Neteru and humanity. Having absorbed the energy of Libyan tektite we’re impressed with the knowledge that to the ancient Egyptians it was nothing less than the heaven-born ‘Stone of the Neteru.’ It was the apex of their gem and mineral world.


Libyan tektite is extremely difficult to source. It comes only from the desolate Great Sand Sea that connects Eastern Libya with Western Egypt. It was formed 29 million years ago after a multi-megaton meteor impact fused tremendous amounts of cosmic energy into the desert sands. We sense a clear and powerful Orion signature on Libyan tektite, a constellation that was sacred to ancient Egypt. Having worked with Pleiadian-charged Moldavite for years we now know that Libyan tektite resonates at a far greater power level. Libyan tektite is extremely alchemical, incredibly visual and absolutely enchanting.


Resonance with Libyan tektite will rapidly initiate you into a peak-power energy status in terms of spiritual and astrological light. This is a crucial concept to understand so let us explain more specifically: We are each born with empty astrological houses and vacant astrological degrees. The magic of Libyan tektite is that it gradually and intelligently activates the degrees which are most relevant to a soul’s ascent into its peak-power status. It quickens our multidimensional entry into our most powerful form through the mysterious workings of a cosmic level of alchemy that blends souls to the stars themselves.


Of the twelve astrological signatures we sense an exhilarating fusion of Leo, Gemini and Aquarius energies very distinctly on Libyan tektite. It feels warm, loving and powerful at the heart level, brilliant, confident and creative on the mental level and absolutely cosmically radiant on the light body level. There’s a ‘royal celestial’ feel to Libyan tektite and it genuinely feels as if the gods communicate through it, especially through a breathtaking form of clairvoyance that we’ve never experienced from any other crystal or meteorite. There’s a mega-dose of Orion constellation energy active as well.


Amari feels that Libyan tektite is a higher-level graduate stone when compared to Moldavite. She feels that Moldavite opens one to the cosmic transformation but that Libyan tektite amplifies the transformation to a far greater degree. She considers it ‘a king and queen stone’ and an ‘ascended master stone.’ She thinks that awakened and awakening starseeds will feel very ‘at home’ with it. She recommends wearing it in the sun to charge it and she comments that it has as definite air/fire elemental energy to it – but she also senses a mysterious and powerful cosmic element in it as well.


Delving further, Amari senses that Libyan tektite opens one to a profound level of self-learning from the levels of soul and cosmos. She feels that its energy unlocks our DNA and sacred information about our DNA towards the fulfillment of our highest growth potentials, including and especially into supernatural physical states. On the cellular level Libyan tektite’s energy feels like a warm star glow radiating a new level of health, beauty and strength into our bodies. Amari thinks that Libyan tektite is also an amazing choice for artists in need of divine inspiration as the visuals it offers can easily become legendary art.


Libyan tektite is an absolute must for anyone who feels a past-life or soul-level connection to ancient Egypt. It offers jaw-dropping clairvoyant visions and revelations that often express through profound ancient Egyptian and astrological themes. It amazes me to experience and share that Libyan tektite flashes images of planets, glyphs, horoscopes and other astrological symbolism directly into the mind to communicate esoteric astrological truths in direct support of a seeker’s ascent, life success and destiny. Libyan tektite is a super amplifier of the third eye. Explore your mind’s supernatural capacities with it.


The practical yet priceless side of Libyan tektite is that it shows you what you need to do to ascend through a mysterious yet benevolent step-by-step process of mental imagery. By wearing it you are telling the universe that you are ready to develop into your highest power form. An initiation phase will then commence and it will be up to you to courageously follow the signs. Make no mistake, this is an extremely magical, pharaoh-level stone that came from outer space millions of years ago. We feel honored to be able to offer the ‘gold of the gods’ to you in this rare and beautiful quality level which grows in demand by the day.


This is a top-grade, natural-color, energetically-vibrant Libyan tektite raw specimen. It features an extremely attractive color, texture, shape and golden glow. This high-grade variety is clear, clean, somewhat translucent and beautifully cratered. It is ideally used for crystal enhanced meditation but it can also be carried for constant energetic benefit. We went out of our way to offer you the highest quality Libyan tektite meteorites which we feel belong in the collections of every serious gem collector and crystal alchemist. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


Wishing you divine cosmic alchemy with your amazing new Libyan tektite,


Sal & Amari


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